What are the symptoms of Yellow Fungus? Know everything about it

Yellow Fungus: Yellow fungus attacks in the country after black and white, more dangerous!!!

Symptoms of Yellow Fungus, Causes of Yellow Fungus, Risk of Yellow Fungus, Treatment of Yellow Fungus.

Yellow Fungus is more dangerous than black and white fungus and it is one of the deadly diseases. Yellow fungus weakens the body first. As the effect of Fungus increases in the human body, the weight of the patient starts decreasing rapidly and it becomes quite fatal.

In the second wave of Corona, the first Black Fungus began to create chaos in the whole country, then the White Fungus also started raging. Efforts are on to deal with both of them that the first case of Yellow Fungus has come to light in Ghaziabad, adjacent to Delhi. On Monday, this disease was found in a man in Ghaziabad, which is being called more dangerous and fatal than the Black and White Fungus. The patient of Ghaziabad, where Yellow fungus has been found, is 34 years old and has been infected with Corona. Along with this, he is also suffering from diabetes.

Symptoms of Yellow Fungus

Yellow fungus is more dangerous than Black and White Fungus and it is one of the deadly diseases. Yellow fungus weakens the body first. The patient suffering from yellow fungus complains of feeling less hungry and lethargic. As the effect of fungus increases, the weight of the patient starts to decrease rapidly and it becomes quite fatal. If someone has a wound on his body during this time and it starts to leak from it and the wound heals very slowly. Also at this time, the patient’s eyes get sunk and many organs stop working.

Causes of Yellow Fungus

According to the information so far, Yellow fungus can happen to any patient due to dirt. So keep cleanliness around your house. This bacteria or fungus can be removed by taking care of cleanliness and hygiene. Its danger can be avoided by removing old food items as soon as possible. In order to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, attention needs to be paid to the moisture inside the house, as bacteria and fungi can help to thrive in areas with high humidity. The correct level of humidity in homes is 30% to 40%.

Risk of Yellow Fungus

However, it is not yet known who is at greater risk from the yellow fungus. But some experts say that people whose immunity is weak, need to be alert about its possible symptoms and should see a doctor immediately if symptoms are seen. People who have diabetes, cancer or any other serious disease, need to be more vigilant and its symptoms should not be ignored at all.

Treatment of Yellow Fungus

In case, the patient has been feeling lethargic for a long time, feels less hungry or does not feel like eating at all, then it should not be ignored. In such a situation, you should immediately go to the doctor. Its only cure is amphotericin b injection. It is a broad-spectrum anti-fungal medicine, which is also helpful in the treatment of Black fungus and White fungus. Significantly, at this time there has been a huge shortage of this life-saving drug in the country.

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