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Why we celebrate World Environment Day | Everything about Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5th June. On this day people are made aware through many programs to preserve nature and not play with it.

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World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5th June with the aim of spreading awareness among people about the environment and keeping the environment safe. Various programs are organized to make people aware of this day. Through these programs, people are made aware of things like preserving trees, planting trees, not cutting green trees, keeping rivers clean and not playing with nature.

Actually, the number of people around the world has increased a lot and pollution has also increased a lot and for this reason, World Environment Day has been started so that people can be made aware of it.

Why we Celebrate World Environment Day?

Although World Environment Day was celebrated in the year 1972 by the United Nations, it was celebrated globally on 5 June 1974 in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Where the Environment Conference was organized on this day and 119 countries participated in it. The United Nations Environment Program was formed in this conference as well as it was decided to celebrate Environment Day on 5 June every year. This conference was held from June 5 to June 16. The slogan for this day was “Only one Earth”.

2021 World Environment Day Theme

Every year a theme is determined for World Environment Day. This time to celebrate this day, the theme of the year 2021 “Ecosystem Restoration” has been set. The programs to be organized on this day will be based on this theme. The restoration of the ecosystem can be done in many ways like planting trees, preparing and protecting the gardens, cleaning the rivers. The theme of World Environment Day for the year 2020 is “Biodiversity” in the year 2019 “Air Pollution” and before that in the year 2018, its theme is “Beat Plastic Pollution” was kept.

Importance of World Environment Day

This day is celebrated every year on 5th June with the aim of motivating and making people aware to protect the environment. We all have a responsibility to protect our environment and avoid cutting trees and plants. The big reason for celebrating this day is that people can be made aware of the environment.

Environmental Day Quotes:

  • I’m glad I won’t be young in a future that doesn’t have forests – Aldo Leopold 
  • If we destroy the environment, we will not have any society – Margaret Mead 
  • Birds are a sign of the environment.  If they are in danger we know we will be in danger soon – Roger Tory Peterson 
  • I can find God in nature, in animals, in birds and in the environment – Pat Buckley
  • The earth is not ours, we belong to the earth – Chief Seattle
  • Earth provides enough resources to satisfy the needs of all human beings, but not to satisfy greed – Mahatma Gandhi

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