Why you are Welcome to Finland ‘The Happiest Country in the World’? Know the reason

Finland ranks first in the United Nations Happy Index. Happy Country Unhappy Today

Finland 'the happiest country in the world

Finland was once called the Land of Sorrow in the Baltic countries, but the picture of the whole country has changed in the last six decades. Finland is facing a severe workforce shortage amid aging. In 2009, 17 percent of Finland’s population was above 65 years of age. Today, Finland is second only to Japan in terms of the elderly population.

It is said that there is no one, who is unhappy in Finland. But the happiest country in the world is unhappy with its aging population. Due to this, there has been a crisis of human labor in the country. People are not going to work here. Due to these situations, Finland wants peoples from other countries to come and live here. Saku Tihveren of Talented Solutions, a recruitment agency, told a news agency, “It is now widely accepted that we need a large population in the country. We need to replace the aging people with the youth people want.”

Finland ranks first in the United Nations Happy Index. There are many things here that show that the people here are the happiest people in the world. Let’s know why the people of this country are so happy.

Financial Security of Finland

It is one of the most developed countries in the world. Where every citizen has many such rights and facilities along with financial security, allowances that they never have to think about what will happen if they lose their job. Or if they become old and they do not have money, then what will happen or if there is an accident or ill health then how will the treatment be done. The government takes all this responsibility. Although the income of the people here is enough.

Stable and Safe Country, Crime is Negligible in Finland

This is the most stable and safe country. In the year 2015, the murder rate here is only 1.28 percent per one lakh population. The total population here is 55 lakhs. In the year 2015, only 50 murders took place here. Organized crime is non-existent here. The police are very reliable and capable.  The police and internet security here are considered to be second in the world. The law is strictly followed. But here also it is to be kept in mind that the citizens here are on the number one position among the believers of political, law and policy system.

Accommodation of 18 persons per Kilometer

About 18 people live here per square kilometer, which is the lowest in the European Union. It is very cold here. Even after this, the weather here remains pleasant and charming. In summer, after 12 noon there is some darkness before that around 10 AM it seems as if it has just been evening, while in winter it is mostly dark in the day time, sometimes the sun can be seen in the afternoon.

Happiest Country Unhappy Today

According to the United Nations, 39.2 percent of the 100 working-age population is 65 years of age or older. Finland is second only to Japan in terms of the elderly population. The United Nations has projected that the elderly dependency rate will increase to 47.5 percent by 2030. To meet the shortfall, there is a need to increase the number of migrants from 20k-30k every year.

It is worth noting that Finland, the happiest country in the world, is known for its best standard of living, facilities and systems. Finland was on the top ‘World Happiness Report 2021’ released by the United Nations. In the rank of happiness, he has succeeded in getting the first position for the fourth time in a row. “After many years of trade and government inaction, Finland is going through a difficult time today. The population is aging and we need people to replace it,” said researcher Charles Mathews at the Finnish Academy.

Is there a fault in the system in Finland?

Many political and social problems are said to be behind immigrants who don’t want to come to Finland. For example, it is easy for a single person to get a job and settle down, but his or her spouse faces difficulty in getting a job. People also do not want to settle in Finland because of the anti-immigrant sentiment. Finland is also a member country of the European Union. It was under Russian rule till 1917. But, after the 1917 revolution in Russia, Finland declared itself independent. In 1906, both men and women were given the right to vote and contest elections. In this way, Finland became the first country in the world to adopt gender equality.

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