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What is Corona Virus Wave, First, Second and Third. Corona Wave India | Full Detail

What is Corona virus wave, first, second, third, India, symptoms, new wave (Corona Wave India in Hindi) (Symptoms, 1, 2, 3, Second, Third, Treatment)


The Corona pandemic in the country has caused panic everywhere. It is wreaking havoc not only in the country of Corona but also in the world. Due to this pandemic, the financial crisis in the country is being created. Not only this, people are very scared that they are unable to express themselves in their own words. When we talk about Corona, we hear one thing that the second wave of Corona is more dangerous than the first wave of Corona. Do you know what is the first wave of Corona? What is corona’s second wave? In this article, you will be given complete information regarding this.

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Corona Virus Wave

In the way the corona is currently wreaking havoc, we must understand that corona is not only a disease but it is a deadly pandemic. Currently, there has been a significant increase in the death rate from corona, which is quite terrible. Currently, the second wave in India is quite active due to which the death rate of people has increased significantly. At the same time the way the country is trying for oxygen, many problems like unemployment and starvation are also arising due to financial constraints in the country. Ever since Corona has knocked into the world, since then 3 waves of Corona have caused havoc. Here we are showing the information of all the waves of the Corona and the characteristics of the Corona.

Corona First Wave

When Corona was introduced in the world, it can be called the first wave of Corona. It is believed to have started in December 2019 when Corona had spread its foot in many parts of the world. It had also come to India with different parts of the world, the first case in India was found in the state of Kerala.

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Corona first wave symptoms

In the first wave of Corona, patients had some such problems.

  • Corona patients had problems with cold and cold, as well as high cough.
  • High fever and breakdown of body.
  • Sore throat, as well as a change in taste of food.
  • Corona suspects also had problems with throat pain and dryness.

Such symptoms have been seen in patients in the first wave of Corona. After the month of August in India, there was a decrease in Corona patients, as well as the recovery of patients was started at a rapid rate.

Corona Second Wave

The country was emerging from the first wave of Corona, which the second wave of Corona had started in the country. Experts believed that this second wave could be dangerous than the first wave. According to the doctor, people are very much in danger in this wave, if people do not believe even by being negligent, then the time to come can prove to be very dangerous.

Corona second wave signs In this second wave of Corona, patients may face some such type of problem.

  • Pain and pain in the patient’s body.
  • Dry throat.
  • Severe diarrhea.
  • Eye irritation or eye discomfort.
  • Severe headache.
  • Loss of taste or smell.
  • Skin rash or bitting of fingers or toes, stinging or reddening.
  • In patients who are struggling with this problem, it has been seen that the level of oxygen in their body drops completely, due to which they are having trouble breathing.
  • Origin of the patient’s chest pain and chest phlegm problem.
  • Tiredness and breakdown of body.

In December of 2020, Corona’s havoc was seen to be ending, that suddenly a new strain came out in which the patients started having more respiratory problems. It is a matter of great sorrow that people have lost a lot of themselves in this new wave.

Corona Third Wave

Looking at the situation in Maharashtra and Delhi, it seems that the third wave of Corona has arrived at both places. The symptoms of the second wave of Corona are seen in the third wave.

Corona Third Wave Symptoms

The only difference is that in this third wave or in this new strain, the immunity of the patient in the body decreases quickly, and the patient’s breath also reduces suddenly. This is a very big reason that it can be said that the third wave of Corona has knocked in India.

How is corona spreading

Before knowing the ways to avoid corona, we should be aware of its infection. Corona is spread by coming into contact with a corona infected. But if a Corona infected comes in contact with you, it is also very important to know what you should do after that.

  • If you feel that you have come in contact with a corona-infected patient, first of all sanitize your hands.
  • Try to make sure that your hands do not reach your mouth nor do your hands touch your nose. Because any virus enters our body through the mouth or nose.

Ways to avoid Corona

We are telling you the ways to avoid Corona –

  • Take neem tree leaves, as well as a sprig of neem Giloy, both of which help increase immunity in your body.
  • Avoid going to the crowded area and use 2 masks or good quality masks while going out.
  • Maintain social distance from others.
  • If you feel that your body is suffering then see a doctor immediately.

We hope that you have liked the interesting information related to the Corona Virus in this article. So follow the Corona guidelines and protect yourself and your loved ones.


Q: What is Corona?

Ans: Corona is a disease spread by infection.

Q: Which wave of Corona is causing havoc in India at present?

Ans: Second and Third

Q: What is the biggest treatment for corona?

Ans: Avoidance of Corona is the treatment.

Q: When was Corona started?

Ans: The onset of the worldwide pandemic is considered from December 2019.

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