Lord Of The Rings  The 10 Most Powerful Swords

This is Hadhafang, the blade of Arwen Evenstar, highlights a strong metal handle with a wooden handgrip with an Elven vine design.

Thranduil's blade likewise shares a similar design to Hadhafang and was probably sufficiently light to be used with one hand.

Herugrim Sword is canon and was conceived by Tolkien himself. For more than 500 years its being passed on to whoever is crowned the King of Rohan.

Gurthang is canon which belonged to  a human of Middle-earth who became a tragic hero.

The Morgul-blade is not exactly a sword; it's more of a long dagger. It is innately magical and poisonous.

Narsil was shattered into pieces and never repaired again after Sauron defeated Elendil.

Sting may not be a weapon fit for a King, but it arguably keeps its wielder safer than any other sword.

Gandalf can even use it to cast spells., the wizard called upon lightning and stored it within the blade.

Andúril was the most special sword in Lord of the Rings because it was forged for Aragon II Elessar.