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Ways to spend a day in The Pink City

Ways to spend a day in The Pink City

A weekend getaway steeped in history and culture, Jaipur is known for its grandiose forts, hotels and hospitality. A city that is built by royals and makes you feel no less than a royal. At the same time, you feel so connected to the place it almost feels like home. So when you finally step out of the quarantine phase, make a quick trip to Jaipur.

A blend of a metropolitan city, history, culture and architecture, the pink city never fails to disappoint tourists with its hospitality. If you are; an artist who can sit hours to sink in the art or a photographer who is always on the look of exciting frames or a foodie who wants to savour the flavours of local food, Jaipur caters to every audience.

A linear guide to enjoying vertex of the northern golden triangle. 

  1. Start your day by kissing the sun rays at Jal Mahal Palace, a palace built in the middle of Maan Sagar Lake, situated on the Amer road. Take a lovely stroll along the sidewalk, and the spectacular view of the sun’s reflection is a sight to capture.Ways to spend a day in The Pink City - Jal Mahal
  2. An uphill drive straight from the Jal Mahal palace will lead you to majestic Amer Fort. Start your day’s activities by paying homage at the Shila Devi temple. The temple has a statue of goddess Durga which has a fascinating history behind it. The tale says that goddess Durga came in Maharaja Mansingh’s dream and instructed him to take out her statue lying under the sea near Jessore and establish it in a temple. Hundreds of people start their morning by attending the morning aarti (prayer ceremony) and then carry on with their daily activities. Ways to spend a day in The Pink City- Amer-Fort
  3. A hearty breakfast is what you need to keep on going all day and what better place than Rawat Kachori and Sweets. Try the traditional breakfast of Jaipur ‘Pyaaz ki Kachori’ filled with potato, onion and the quintessential flavour of garlic and chillies. One can also try the sweet option ‘Mawe ki Kachori’ immersed in delectable sugar syrup.Ways to spend a day in The Pink Cityrawat-mishthan-bhandar-jaipur
  4. Jaipur has a lot to offer for the shopaholics and the best place to spend your afternoon is at the main city locally called as ‘Shehar’. Johri Bazaar is the market where you can buy some of the best silver jewellery pieces unique in its designs or the trendy and colourful Lehriya sarees.Ways to spend a day in The Pink City - johri_bazar
  5. Items to include in your shopping bag are the mirror work boho bags, camel leather products, some very artistic wooden motif blocks, cotton block print skirts and shirts and the list can go on. The local bazaars of Jaipur have a wide array of local products, and there is something to suit every pocket.Ways to spend a day in The Pink City- Bag
  6. Now, after shopping and walking on the streets of the walled city, one would question where to have lunch? Well, one can’t miss out a meal at LMB. The very renowned and one of the oldest sweet shop and vegetarian restaurant. The locals recommend to try their ‘Puri Bhaji’ though it’s a breakfast favourite, one doesn’t mind when hunger strikes. It is also very famous for its award-winning ‘Ghewar’ a sweet/mithai made out of condensed milk, which looks like a honeycomb.Ways to spend a day in The Pink City - LMB
  7. The fun-filled trip is not complete without spending the evening in Chokhi Dhani resort. A resort done in a typical Rajasthani village style has a lot to offer in terms of activities and food. Visitors can visit their Kalagram- artisans village to witness how the village artisans work and make articles for home décor and lifestyle. They can shake aleg on the folk songs with the live folk musicians and dancers of Rajasthan. Before dinner gets served, one can treat themselves with some appetizing snacks which are spread out at different points in the village fair area. To experience the traditional style of community dining, they have a unique dining area named Sangri and Chaupad Jeeman Ghar. These dining halls serve authentic Rajasthani food to the visitors in a dried leaf plate and bowls with some extra ‘Ghee’ on the top to show some love.Ways to spend a day in The Pink City -chokhi dhani village

So, this was a small guide to spend your day in the pink city. It’s budget-friendly but without missing out the essence of the town and its heritage.

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