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Visit these top 5 dance classes to become a better dancer

Top dance institutes in jaipur

Dance has cultural importance in every country of the world. It represents the tradition, history, folklore and narrates the human evolution in different areas of the globe. There are innumerous forms of dance across the globe that exhibit varied emotions from happiness, anger, sadness, gleefulness, pain and others. Here are some of the dance institutes in Jaipur:

1. Buskers Dance Institute:- The 90’s kids in the city are well versed with this dance institute. It is spread all over the city. The classes have produced several world-class dancers who have earned a reputation in their career further. It specializes in all types of dance forms. You can visit Vaishali Nagar, Chitrakoot, D-10/45, Shree Aashapura Enclave Near Chitrakoot Hospital.
Contact:- 090245 92542

Shyam Nagar: B-91, Gautam Marg
Contact: 7023777111

Mansarovar: 80/100, Patel Marg, Sector 7
Contact: 9929122220


2. 8 Step Dance & Fitness Studio:- The dance institute specializes in Zumba, which is a powerful dance form. People love to join the classes to stay fit and maintain flexibility in their bodies. Visit 64, Shivaji Nagar, Civil Lines to join them.
Contact: 9152254005


3. Dreamers The Dancing Palace:- This dance studio has experienced masters to train people in dance forms best suited to them. They teach B-boying, krumping, freestyle, etc to men, women, girls and boys. Visit D-9/80 Chitrakoot Scheme, Swami Narayan Mandir Road, Vaishali Nagar to learn any of the dances.
Contact: 082339 79095


4. Rhythmic Feet:- It is a Kathak paradise for people who want to learn the Indian classical dance form. Apart from this, they teach Bollywood, folk dance and western dances. Their address is Shop No 21 22 Third Floor Vijay Path Shopping Centre Behind Madhurika Medical Store Madhyam Marg.
Contact: 9152389950


5. Super Western Dance Academy:- This heaven for dance for formed in the year 2004. It has a strong foothold among the masses of the city. They groom dancers and pave a way for them to be pursued as a career. It is situated at Shop Number-122/223, Madhyam Marg, Vijay Path Thadi Market, Mansarovar
Contact: 9982076013

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