Tips to remove Holi Colours Naturally

Who doesn’t like hues of Holi getting rubbed on our faces gleefully? It’s the love of the people which is applied to us. The splash of water strikes us like good vibes of the festival. Hugs from our friends and relatives seep within similar to oxygen. And the fun on the day is an absolute delicacy for the soul. However, there’s a chance you may end up spoiling up your skin and hair due to the usage of artificial and chemically filled colours. The following tips can be useful:-

1. Apply oils before going out: Application of oils on hair and skin has always been deemed great. They are also a good reflector of toxins and keep your body hassle free without an iota of damage to it. So, if you want to keep your hair silky and skin smooth then apply castor oil or coconut oil or olive oil or sesame oil or mustard oil before playing colors.  
2. Use Aloe vera: The compounds in aloe vera gel protects skin any +6harm. It repairs the injury caused by colors and scratches through hands. It also heals the spots and removes them swiftly. The element of sticky fluid obliterates the possibility of color causing any problem to you.
3. Curd is the cue: The curd has oily components which help in keeping your skin and hair radiated. That similar property is useful in moisturizing them before going for a wash after the Holi bash. Leave it there for 45 minutes to an hour and wash it gently with a mild shampoo. You’ll get rid of every ounce of color.
4. Sunscreen: It not just protects your skin from ultraviolet rays but also act as a protector for facial skin. 
5. Coconut milk: Coconut water and milk are rich in minerals. It hydrates the skin. You can apply pre and post-playing Holi. it will cleanse your skin and hair easily.
6. Lemon and Honey: The deadly combination is mostly used to lose weight. But it can also rub off the unwanted Holi colors from your skin with slight itching. 
7. Papaya peel: This fruit is amazing for glowing skin. If you apply it gently on your face, then all the nasty color will automatically come off. 
8. Wheat Flour: Apply it as a scrubber on your body and see the magic. Move your hands gently and you’ll see the color falling off quickly.

Safety Tips:
Do not apply soap directly as the chemical compound of soap may react with the colour causing serious allergies.
– Make sure you don’t use too much of water else you’ll end drying your skin with rashes.
– Don’t get bleach or hair spa or facial as they are all made out of chemicals.
– If you feel itching in eyes then apply cucumber soaked in water for a few minutes and then pour a few drops of rose water. You’ll feel better 

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