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This Diwali Make your appearance radiant at Colour n Curls

Diwali Offer

Colour n Curls- Salon in Jaipur

Q1: What made you name your store Colour n Curls?

As you know, colours represent art and different cultures. And what we do here is not less than an art. Curls represent the combination of art and technique makeup and hairstyling.

Q2: What change or impact you would want to bring in people’s lives through your Services?

Colour’N’Curls have a motto to bring your inner beauty out in the world. Our makeup and styling work like a marriage between your inner and outer beauty. This balance between inner and outer beauty is what everyone is seeking today and we are happy to deliver that balance.

Q3: Has people’s taste changed over the years in Makeup?

Change is a part of life and the trend applies to us as well. In the field of fashion and entertainment, the trend changes every single day. Talking about the makeup style you can say that yes it has changed a lot. We have seen so many different styles of makeup in the last decade. We’ve witnessed the smoke style, glittering style, eye shadow makeup, nude makeup and so much more. Some people like smoky eyes some don’t and it will remain like this forever. So, taste in makeup has changed with the course of time for every person.

Q4: What type of clients do you cater to?

Colour’N’Curls is a unisex salon where we share our services with both the genders equally. Differentiating them under the age category, most of our clients are between 20 to 28 age groups. We deal with this group very frequently. It is followed by a group of 28-36 age group. Customers from this age group usually visit during the season of weddings, major family function and during big festivals

Q5: Which Services are in demand currently?

Today, people love to stay close to their natural look. One service that is in constant demand is hair highlighting. Not just girls but boys are also in love with this new experimenting style. We have them satisfy them with our services due to which they keep coming back.

Q6: What types of Brands do you use while Serving them?

We use 5 brands as we never compromise the quality of our work:

● Moroccanoil

● Wella


● GK Hair Professionals

● L’oreal

Q7: Do you also customize Salon Pack on people’s demand?

Customer happiness is our priority and we charge them for their demands. We believe that making some restricted packages confuse a customer. So, we only have one package that is Bridal package which is full of every required service that a bride would ever need. We made that package by putting a lot of our time and mind into it and really proved it. We never had any customer that requested any change in that.

Q8: Which age group are your regular customers?

As I told you age group of 20-28 is our frequent visitors. Youngsters are more into weekend parties, clubbing, night outs, any kind of big party or reunion events. They just want to stun everyone with their looks and styling. And try to not leave a single change in doing that. We deal with this group at least twice a day. Whether it is skincare or makeup or styling, they come here for all the treatments.

Q9: How are you making this Diwali brighter for your clients?

We keep improving ourselves day by day, by learning and involving creativity. We believe that there is a lot to learn each day. So, this Diwali our goal will be to bring smiles and sparks in our clients’ lives. We might be bringing some exciting offers. So, stay in touch.

Q10. Are there any Offers you are working on?

We are working on them but can not reveal them right now (it’s a surprise). But, one thing we would like to add here is that these Diwali offers will give huge respite to your pockets. The shine on your face through our service is what you need to make this Diwali brighter.

Q11: What forced you to make a career in this stream?

There was no force actually. I was always passionate about making people and this world a beautiful place. And somewhere I read that, “What you see is what you feel and what you feel is what you do.” This quote always motivated me to see the beauty in people and let others see that too by bringing it on the outer skin with all the services that I can offer.

Q12: From where do you seek inspiration for Salon services?

Our main inspiration is our customer. They always bring challenges. Several of them request styling like celebrities, models, or a rough idea they have in their minds. This keeps inspiring us to stay updated with fashion and trends. They are the ones who inspire us to bring more services to the table.

Q13: How’s your store different from others, your USP?

There is no USP as such in Colour’N’Curls. The only strategy here is “Make your client happy and satisfied with your services.” It is as simple as that. This simplicity is what makes them come back to us whenever they need our services.

Q14: Where do you see your store in the coming 5 years?

We will have more outlets in Jaipur to serve our clients by not letting them travel too much. We’ve have achieved a lot in the past and will conquer this mission too.

Q15: What are the cheapest and most expensive Services in your store?

For Men:

Haircut and shave start from Rs 300 and Colour and Highlight are the most expensive with Rs 2000.

For Women:

Deep Conditioning Spa and Pedicure + Hands Massage both the package cost Rs 1000 (starting) while Body Polishing will be charged Rs 4000, making it the top of all the services.


Contact: +91-9116633110

Address: C9/33 Opp Navjyoti Hospital, Chitrakoot Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur

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