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Stunt champion Lakshay Jangid to participate in reality show

Stunt champion Lakshay Jangid

Lakshay Jangid has become synonymous with stunts in India. The stylish guy is scaling new heights with his MTB bike and passion. On huge public demand, Anand Gupta from The City Stuff caught up with up through virtual means. We posed some exciting questions to which he answered with his cool like cucumber poise. Read and know your star better. Here are the excerpts:-

Q1 How has your life been post-meeting Sunny Leone?

Ans: Post-meeting with Ranvijay Sir and Sunny Leone Ma’am, I saw a sudden surge in my popularity. When she posted the video, my follower count on social media accounts increased. Brands started reaching me. I got recognized in the crowd, and now, people appreciate my sport like never before.


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I’m sincerely obliged to Ranvijay Sir, who helped me financially to participate in a coveted event like the world championship in Poland. Now, I’m working with his athlete team ‘Squadrann’. Recently I’ve promoted a sneaker brand and have done an advertising event.

Q2. How many competitions have you participated in after the last interview?

Ans:-  After our last interview, I’ve participated in “MTB Stunt Grand Prix 2019” in Poland. I made India proud by winning the second spot.

Q3 Number of prizes and trophies won by you during the period?

Ans:- During the period I stood 2nd in the “MTB Stunt Grand Prix 2019”. Hero cycles, Squadrann and my father sponsored the trip to Poland. I’ve become the first-ever MTB stunt rider to receive the paid sponsorship from a renowned cycle brand. I got the second position in the Pinkcity MTB challenge.


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Q4 Apart from Hero cycles, who else are partnering with you?

Ans:- My nutrition partner is Stead Fast Nutrition. Education Partner, ”GNS Foreign Language Studio” and Redbull are also supporting me.


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Q5 How have you been practicing, any changes in your techniques?

Ans:- Three months before the championship, I trained hard following some personal reasons. I hadn’t trained for months, so I had to push my limits. Unluckily, a got injured a day before leaving for the championship. I had a bad crash while rehearsing my best trick. I didn’t tell anyone. My left-hand wrist had three muscle tears. I knew it was a massive injury but ignored it and left for Poland. It was tough to practice in the temperature less than 10 degrees there carrying that injury. Once I returned to India, I did a show in Shimla and then got all my check-ups and treatments done in Jaipur. I had 65 days of plaster. I gained weight and lost my energy, endurance, stamina, muscle strength and power. After all the treatment, I got relieved from the plaster in January 2020. I practiced elbow and wrist straightening exercises along with some stunts.

There are no new techniques. I’m working on my old tricks and balances. Also, I’m working on my body as well. However, when I try something new, I conceal it. Currently, I’m continuing my efforts to get some recognition for MTB stunts in India through training.

Q6 How was your reception after winning the trophy?

Ans:- I live with my family (Mom, dad, grandmother and with extended families of two uncles). When I came back to India after winning the trophy from Poland, I was received with a lot of fan fair, music, dance, instruments playing aloud. My entire society congregated at the Airport and gave me a warm welcome with a bunch of garlands. That was an emotional and proud moment for me. I received plenty of gifts and ‘Jangid Samaj’ felicitated me.

Q7 Please walk us through your personal life that you’ve never discussed.

Ans:- I want to share something very personal. Before leaving for Poland, I was going through a tough phase in my life. I was “heartbroken” and mentally fatigued. In those five months, I couldn’t train properly. I lost all my confidence and belief to win any championship. It was only because of my best friend cum brother Shevi I could do what I have. He stood like a rock for me. He came all the way from Alwar to support me. Ever since he has been staying with me, he pumped ample confidence and motivation to get me ready for the championship. Besides sponsors, I will like to thank Shivam, Surbhi(sister) and Ruby (girlfriend). They got me mentally prepared after knowing about my injury. I want to dedicate my trophy to them. Today, I’m living a perfect and dream life. I’m getting paid for the training and shoots. I have to now focus on training.

Q8 Can you share the hardships you had?

Ans:- I have faced lots of bullying, yelling and unnecessary anger from people I admired once. People tried to defame me on national tv, portraying my negative image. Out of jealously, several riders said I rigged the championships with the might of money. But I ignored it all and kept working harder and never stopped hustling. People wanted to discredit me for my potential. But I know I was right. My family stood by me firmly.

Some people took advantage of my admiration for them and got through some reality shows using my name. These guys didn’t get anything from defaming me on social media and national television. Instead, it made me stronger. My mother told that pulling someone down yields nothing. I always remember her saying. I believe in Karma.

Q9 Do you feel like a celeb now, as many people have started recognizing you?

Ans:- Not celebrity exactly, but I like to influence people, my fans and followers. I want to instill positivity, so I like to call myself a motivational influencer more than anything. People have appreciated my efforts, focus and hard work, which are now translating into recognition of MTB stunts and me. I receive so much love on social media platforms. They enjoy my videos. I like to respond to all comments.

Q10 How does it feel when people search about you?

Ans Everyone feels happy when people search for them on the Internet. I’d like to share one incident. Once, a relative asked my whereabouts sarcastically from my father. My dad plainly requested him to search Lakshay Jangid on Google. This is the change my twelve years of hard work and dedication have brought.

Q11 Tell us about some fan encounter that moved you or was funny?

Ans:- In this period of 12 years, I’ve received a lot of appreciation messages and gifts from fans and followers. People have made some interesting demands and exhibited their love in different forms

  • Asking photo of my face to put it on the wall
  • Some wrote my name on their bike
  • Some people try to imitate my lifestyle and stunts. I feel they are getting influenced by me.

I rate two encounters among them as my favorite:-

  • She has been my fan even before 2016 and considers me as his role model. He gifted me the most precious thing, loyalty. He has always stood by me in every thick and thin.
  • Ruby is another person who has supported me. She gifted me a handmade art explaining the importance of positivity and calmness irrespective of situations. She presented me with an Indian Flag before I left for Poland. Her inspirational words,” newcomers and Indians are looking at you. They want you on the podium”, pushed me too well. It made me emotional.


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Q12 Have you received any call from a reality tv show and if not are you interested in one?

Ans:- Yes, I have received calls from some reality shows. I would be shooting for them once the Corona Virus gets over. Also, due to the pandemic, I’ve rejected some as well. It will be another feather in my hat of achievements.

Q13. Apart from the MTB stunt, are you thinking of trying in some other field for a career?

Ans:- I pursued stunting as my career from day one. I always knew I had a career in it. It was something I dreamt of. But one should have a plan B as well. So, apart from MTB stunts, I’m practicing skateboard, dirt jump and MTB racing. Also, my love for acknowledging new cultures is pushing me to learn the German language. It will help me get a job later on. I enjoy experiencing new things.

Q14 How are you utilizing the time of lockdown due to Corona Virus?

Ans:- There are no major changes in my daily routine. I’m living the way I live in regular days. I wake up at 7 AM, then take my breakfast and spend some time on my social media accounts. After that, I practice my stunts in my residential compound, which is locked. I also spend time watching movies with my family and cooking some meals. I do live streaming on Instagram and make video calls to my friends and loved ones. In the evening, I work out with my father’s gym equipment. Then rest and video streaming on OTT platforms.


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Q15 What message you wish to give to your fans and followers regarding the pandemic?

Ans: I would like to say that we are not alone. The whole world is facing a tough time. The global GDP is down. I know, things will take time to restore, but this time shall pass too.

So, our youth should make full use of the time. They should hone their skills rather than watching tv or sleeping the entire day. Use your creativity, make your own content and learn something new. You can make a presentation and use youtube videos to gain knowledge. And please stop sharing unverified or fake news. Always trust government websites and their updates. Remember, rumors are more harmful than COVID-19.

Even I’m missing wandering around and spending time with my people, dinner and rides with them. But this is the time we should support our government and obey the rules and guidelines provided by them. Stay at home and follow social distancing.

Q16 What’s the first thing will you do once the lockdown ends?

Ans:- Post lockdown I’ll do the following things

  • Eat non-veg food
  • Spend time with my loved ones
  • Go for sneaker shopping

And as I told you, I would start shooting for some reality shows which got stalled and deferred following the virus outbreak.

Besides, I’m not facing significant problems. I’m giving more and more time to myself. Even after the lockdown, I’ll follow the instructions of doctors. I will use masks, avoid crowded areas, obey social distancing rules and will wash my hands regularly.


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