Sights of Mesmerising Sunsets in Jaipur

Even God would not have thought that Sunsets will be an embodiment of nature’s beauty. And the sight of the sun going into oblivion in Jaipur is beyond explanation. If you are visiting Jaipur, then you should not miss the divine incident. There are some of the spots which will leave you speechless while watching the brightest star of our solar system abandoning in the oblivion. 

Sunset at Nahargarh Fort

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People gather at Nahargarh Fort to catch a   glimpse of the Sun gradually setting behind an arc. The scene is so stunning that folks out there get hooked with absolute awe. Padao restaurant is one of the places at Nahargarh which gives the best look of the sunset. 

Sunset at Amber Fort

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Your eyes will pop-out, and heart would stop after witnessing the sun going to sleep from the rooftop of the Amber Fort. 

Sunset at Jal Mahal

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The sun hiding behind the palace in the water is the most mesmerising sight. Viewing it from Jal Mahal transport you in the fantasy world.

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