Restaurants on the Edge Review: A spectacular cliffhanger

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60 / 100

The two things which are popular to kill leisure time is Food and Travel. Well, it’s a lockdown, and travel is out of the window. But what’s inside our home is a cozy time to spend in front of our laptop and binge-watch. Well, there are many people out there who love to travel around and to try new food tops their to-do list.

We have an online series recommendation for this week for such wanderlusts. But not for someone who loves the depth of Queer Eye or drama of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.

Netflix Series ‘Restaurants on the Edge’

The show is about Restaurants, as the title indicates. Restaurants that are derelict and on the verge of closing. Chef Dennis Prescott, Nick Liberato, and designer Karen Bohn are the hosts and panel who are helping restaurateurs by redesigning their restaurant image.

What makes it watchable, and why do we recommend it?

The cinematic experience gives you a virtual tour of some of the picturesque places on this planet. Some shots capture the splendour of the local landscape and will make you want to travel those places after the pandemic. If you are creating a bucket list with your friends then, we recommend you check this out first to take a look at some of the loveliest corners of the world.

Not so good parts

The pivotal point of the show is to offer gratification to its viewers by seeing something dilapidated to fairy-tale perfect. What makes the series less exciting is that the hosts are not convincing enough to involve their audience with the life-shattering, down-with-debts stories of the restaurateurs. The audience is left hanging loose because there are insufficient details of the journey before and after. The makers of the show should remind themselves it is not enough to read out nasty reviews and hug them.

Novel conclusion

Well, the one more thing we liked about the show is the cultural display of those native places. It’s like you’re visiting that place from the comfort of your home, it should give you some positive reinforcement to stay at home. You will get to know some far off places and their culture, history, and food. But don’t look for excitement in this series. To put it in brief, it is that kind of show which you can run on your screen while using your phone.

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