Propose your muse with suave in Jaipur this Valentine

A man or a woman would gather the courage to fight a lion or a tiger, but they eventually fail at proposing each other unanimously. Sending a proposal to their beloved sends shudders to them. And rightly so because a slightest of mistake can spoil the charm of that first-time proposal. And it can’t get better than the Propose Day. So, on the occasion of propose day, to those who live in Jaipur or anywhere in the country the following tips will be helpful.

1.  Plan a small date:- Planning plays a pivotal part while proposing your Pyaar (love) of your life. In a first, plan a date at some secluded yet happening place with a positive vibe. It can be a poolside or even a walk down the mountain.  

2. Get a gift:- Never forget to get a gift for your partner while going for a proposal. Amount or size of the present doesn’t matter. A flower or a bouquet will do. Give that to your muse with a smile on your face and love in your heart.

3.  Comfort is the key:- Make sure your partner is comfortable. Keep in mind their likes and dislikes. Hold their hand look in their eyes and set the chord before proposing.

4. Surprise:-  Your command over surprises is an added asset for a long-lasting relationship. If you don’t have that, then don’t worry.  Prepare a poem or a Shayari and recite that amid your conversation.

5. Propose:-  And when he/she is overwhelmed with your recitation then that’s the best time to propose them. Get on to your knees and speak your heart out without hesitation. 

If you have a good budget prospect then below mentioned jewellery shops will be helpful.

Gold Ring:-  Gold is considered pious as per Indian culture. It has a value of its own which ascends with time like love. It’s a testimony for a growing love story.  In Jaipur, you can visit JKJ jewellers, Moti Sons, Kalyan Jewellers, Tanishq, Surana jewellers, Khandaka jewellers, Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas jewellers, Kalajee jewellers, Bhuramal Rajmal jewellers, Mahalaxmi jewellers and several others can help you with their exquisite range of designs suiting your budget. 
Solitaire Ring:- A diamond ring is a way to a woman’s heart. To woo her a solitaire ring is the best gift. The idea will sweep her feet from the land. She won’t think twice before saying yes.
Platinum bands:- The bond of soul connection can be articulated through platinum bands. It suits every finger and most importantly represents the correlation of hearts. 

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