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Noteworthy Initiative by the Rajasthan Government to Promote Reopening of Schools

Rajasthan Government to Promote Reopening of Schools - The city stuff

The pandemic drastically affected the lives of people all across the globe. Each and every sector of the economy came to standstill, including the education sector. With rising cases of Covid, schools and educational institutions were forced to shut down. But with the efforts and hard work of the government and teachers, the studies were less hampered. A noteworthy e-learning campaign like “AaoGharMein Seekhein” by the Government of Rajasthan was the perfect example, which helped the students to study online by staying safe at home. The campaign included initiatives like Smile, Shiksha Vani, Shiksha Darshan, etc which helped our students to acquire qualitative education through online classes.

But with time and a decrease in the number of corona cases, the schools were reopened, keeping in mind the strict corona guidelines issued by the government. The opening of schools was not only fresh air for the students but also for the teachers. Being refined to the screens of the computer/mobile phone, the students were ecstatic to join the classes physically. But our government followed all the necessary precautions and took baby steps while opening the schools. In the first phase, only standards 9-12 were opened by the schools. But gradually the lower standards were also opened. 

The sudden emergence of the pandemic not only affected the lives of the people adversely but also shook their financial stability. There was a roar of challenges for everyone. Many people faced pink slips, while some faced huge cuts in their salary. Due to this, the parents were in a challenging situation on how to continue their child’s education, along with the high fees and other expenses. This way, they were less keen on sending their students to the school. So, keeping up with the scenario of the economy and the problems faced by the people at large, the Government of Rajasthan decided to help the parents and the growing youth of the state. The government launched the ‘Back to School’ programme under which the study materials will be provided to the students and they will be made comfortable about going back to schools.

Under this program, school uniforms would be provided free of cost to the students (government school) until class 8. While textbooks would be provided free of cost to the students from classes 6 to 8. According to data, the state government is spending Rs. 470 Crore for this initiative. Further, smart TVs would be installed at all the government secondary and senior secondary schools and Kasturba Gandhi Residential schools to enhance digital learning. The pandemic had a huge impact on school education, due to which the academic year turned into a Zero year. That is why a step like this has been taken by the state government for the welfare of the students of the state.

This notable program will not only help in overcoming the gap of learning interval that has been created due to the pandemic but would also help the parents and the students at large. Constant efforts by the government and the education department have been successful in providing progressive education for all.

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