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Mind the Malhotra’s is India’s Modern Family

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Modern Family is probably the most dysfunctional family we’ve ever seen on television ever. Taking a slice of Modern Family is Amazon Prime Video’s latest original, Mind the Malhotras. The show revolves around Rishabh and Shefali Malhotra, a well-off married couple residing in Mumbai. They have three kids, Dia, Jia and Yohan. To add to this madness is the quintessential ‘dramebaaz’ mother-in-law who never fails to make everyone’s life hell with her quirkiness.
The Malhotras seek marriage counseling with Gulfam owing to a large number of divorces happening around them. The fear that they might be the next drives them to these therapy sessions which cost them dearly. Amidst these sessions, we discover the completely crazy life the Malhotras live.
The show, which is the official adaptation of Israeli show La Famiglia, bears an uncanny resemblance to ABC’s Modern Family. Shefali is Claire Dunphy, Rishabh is Phil Dunphy, Yohan is Luke Dunphy, Dia is Alex Dunphy and Jia is Haley Dunphy; in short, the Malhotras are the Dunphys. The Malhotras have all the quirkiness of the Dunphys, yet lack the craziness and madness of the Dunphys. The Malhotras are the toned down version of the Dunphys.
Mini Mathur and Cyrus Sahukar steal the show. Their extremely convincing performance and unfathomable chemistry lift up the show by many notches. They know what they are doing and present their characters with a profound understanding. Mini as Shefali Malhotra is consistent and believable. Cyrus as Rishabh Malhotra is the right amount of madness and quirkiness.
Jason D’Souza as Yohan is the cutest thing this show has to offer.
Dealing with the ordeals of parenthood and marriage, Shefali and Rishabh display a bond of everlasting love and comfort. They may quarrel like cats and dogs but at the end of the day they are there for each other. It takes no genius to figure out that the Malhotra couple doesn’t need therapy. They bicker but never part away.
As a comedy series, Mind the Malhotras is fine and does have some hilarious moments. But for the rest of it, it is the story of how life is for the Malhotras. Looking back and thinking about the show makes me realize that therapy helped them get out all their toxicity and what kept steering them throughout is affection. More than a couple, they are friends.
The show is an accurate throwback to the 2000s comedy shows like Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai and Khichdi and the undying and simple love between the couple they stand for. But given the humongous resources, Amazon has at its disposal, this might come across as fairly average.
I am not sure if you will relinquish this show and laugh at the silly jokes like I did but one thing I know for sure is that you definitely need to Mind the Malhotras.
Produced by Applause Entertainment and Born Free Entertainment
Directed by Sahil Sangha and Ajay Bhuyan
Rating: 3/5

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