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Make your love tasty this chocolate day in Jaipur

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Chocolates are synonymous to fantasy. The Cadbury Dairy Milk advertisements display the quirky, naughty, sweet and sexy sides that mount from a bar of chocolate. And that’s all needed to expand the bond of love. The world chocolate day is celebrated across the world on February 9 during Valentine week for the aforementioned reasonings. 

Like every other city around the globe, you can find Jaipur drenched in some tasty chocolates. Here are a few ways to savour the day.

1.  Dark Chocolate Cake:-  We know your mouth is watering while you read it. The sticky cocoa dripping from your partner’s face while preparing the cake can’t get any sensuous. The temperature soars in the wintry season. You can also get it delivered from famous bakeries of Jaipur viz; Dzurt Patisserie and Cafe, Bake Hut, Mafix Cakes ‘n’ Bakes, The Crust, Sunrise Bakery, Jaipur Baking Company and others.

2. A chocolate bouquet:- Bouquet of flowers does not pose any surprise element, but a chocolate one will surely do.  The creative gesture that has multiple chocolates of all shapes and sizes placed to be gifted easily draws the attention of a loved one.

3. Chocolate Baskets:- Girls usually love chocolates. They have a craving for it all the time. You can meet that with a basket full of chocolates. Get them delivered online through Gift Jaipur.  You can contact them here:-

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4. Hot chocolate ice cream:- Just like your love, cool inside and hot outside, the idea of savouring hot chocolate ice cream with your beloved is not bad after all it enriches and irrigates the crop of love.  Jal Mahal ice cream parlour at MI Road is your place for the chocolaty date.

5.  Chocolate Bath:- Applying chocolate on your body relaxes your organs and calms you down. Take a dip in a chocolate tub with your girlfriend/boyfriend or your spouse and let the moment take you over. Cuddle and be playful to make the day special.

6. Visit best chocolate restaurants and cafes– To revel in the glory of the chocolate day visit Nibs cafe & Chocolateria in C-schemeThe Chocolate Room at WTPMelting Moments at Crystal Palm, Brown Sugar in Vaishali Nagar and Chocolate Boutique at Gopal Bari can make your day memorable. These shops have an exclusive variety which caters to your sweet tooth with a tinge of heart.

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