Maharani review: Does Huma Qureshi’s character similar to Rabri Devi

Maharani review Huma Qureshi

Jolly LLB Fame, Subhash Kapoor has brought Huma Qureshi into a role similar to former Bihar’s Chief Minister Rabri Devi in ​​SonyLIV’s new web series Maharani on Bihar politics. However, Karan Sharma is named as a director. Huma Qureshi came into the limelight with Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs of Wasseypur and was cast in Jolly LLB-2 as Akshay Kumar’s wife. Humani plays Huma in the lead role and unlike her glamorous personality, her rejuvenation from the wife of the Chief Minister of Bihar to the important role of state politics is interesting.

Maharani Cast

Huma Qureshi, Sohum Shah, Amit Sial, Kani Kusruti, Atul Tiwari, Mohammed Ashique Hussain, Inaamulhaq, Vineet Kumar, Harish Khanna and  Kannan Arunachalam

Maharani Story Line

The story begins in the late nineties. The first episode begins with the caste hatred and murder of forward vs. backward. The police officer says caste is the biggest truth of Bihar. The upper-caste junior police officer tells his senior police officer from the backward caste – the government belongs to you, the system is in our hands. Ethnic conflicts, land forces, ransom, recovery, scams – all the things that Bihar has been in the headlines for, they continue to appear as the main storyline.
During Chhath Puja there is a deadly attack on the Chief Minister. Bihar’s CM is made to announce political stakes by declaring his wife as his political heir.

Entering the CM residence, the leader says – is it CM house or Tabela? Bheema’s aide Mishra taunts his rivals to find ‘opportunities in disaster’. Amit Syal impresses the most in the role of Naveen Babu, the political rival of Soham Shah, who became Chief Minister Bhima Bharti. Experienced actors Vineet Kumar, Atul Tiwari, Pramod Pathak, Malayalam cinema actress Kanni Kusurthi are also good. It was nice watching Pankaj Jha.

How is the casting of ‘Maharani’

Talking about casting, a dozen stars have played small roles in this series. Their casting looks absolutely perfect. The icing on the cake is that the story has been shown in the details of political politics, corruption, crime, modus operandi of police, etc.

How is Huma Qureshi’s acting

Talking about acting, along with the growing story, the growth that Huma slowly brings to her character is wonderful. It would not be wrong if it is called his best performance to date. The performances of Pramod Pathak, Mohammad Hussain and Vineet Kumar are also excellent. Overall, those with even the slightest interest in politics will love this series.


As the ten-episode web series progresses, the script tightens. Still, better and worth watching amidst the hustle and bustle of all kinds of extravagant web series. Much better than the Amazon Primes’s earlier political drama. The actors have taken over. Many actors who have worked in Jolly LLB are in key roles in this web series.

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