Lakshay Jangid: City stunt rider who performed with Sunny Leone

Lakshay Jangid: City stunt rider

Jaipur’s sensational cyclist and MTB stunt rider who has brought several laurels and accolades for the city by winning prestigious competitions across the globe while representing the country, Lakshay Jangid is once again in the news for his recent stint with Roadies’ Ranjvijay and SplitsVilla’s Sunny Leone. The child-like Leone as Lakshay puts in reposted a video on the Social media site which has crossed over 2 million marks already and going strong. Due to the reason, the MTB bike rider has become the talk of the town. The rider who is born and raised in Jaipur is receiving accolades for the stunt with Sunny Leone.


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Anand Gupta from The City Stuff sat through with Lakshay Jangid with cups of cold coffee. Here’re the excerpts from the exclusive interview:-

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Beginning:– While he was growing up, Lakshay displayed the traits of an adventurous person who loved hopping on sports that involved risks. His unorthodox approach of playing with his friends took to a playground with no friends absolutely. He started doing stunts with his cycle at the 13. Unassumingly, his friends distanced from him. He practiced for hours, hiding from his parents. However, they came to know via corridors of gossips and restrictions started coming his way.
First Bike:– He got his first cycle at the age of 12. It then changed his course of life. Once while coming back from school, he saw one of his school mates juggling with the cycle and performing stunts like wheely and stoppie. He instantly felt an urge to emulate the guy. And this was the day he kicked off to try them himself. It led him to different terrains, and he became part of a renowned motorbiking group that took him places. The stuntman earned several medals and got to perform in universities.
First international appearance:- In 2014, he participated in the MTB world championship and became the first Indian to do so. He stood at 11th position out of 49 riders. It instilled lots of confidence in him. He attributes the success to his friend Yash Sisodia, who taught him the nuances of techniques and the importance of braking. He met Yash in 2013, and his fortunes turned completely.


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Championships:- After participating in the 2014 world championship, he worked harder and made a podium finish and stood at 3rd position out of 69  competitors in the year 2015. He scripted the history with it by becoming the first Indian. In the subsequent year, he won the Indian championship as well. In 2016,  he stood first in the world championship and yet again became the first Indian to get there. He got merchandise and medallion in return.  In 2017, he went to Poland for MTB Grand Prix where he represented India in the live championship. And once again he blossomed to the pinnacle by beating all the participants. He received Rs 25000 and a trophy along with merchandise.
Cost of cycles:– Lakshay started practicing with a non-gear Hero Ranger bike that cost him Rs 2400. Having tried every possible stunt on it, Lakshay bought himself a Rs 25000 Mongoose fireball. It was a gift from his father after he outperformed his expectations and scored well in board exams 2012.
He had to study the day and night for it. After getting his dream bike, he immersed himself in training. He groomed himself and learned some advanced tricks. The stunt guy explored new dimensions of balance points.  It helped him to become a professional athlete, and he went on to participate in several international competitions between 2012 to 2017. For this, he made Rs 2-3 lacs of expenses on brakes, saddle, pedals, handle, wheels and other important accessories during the period. His most cherished possession is the bike ‘Dartmoor 26 player’ which he received after winning the Poland championship in 2017.
The speciality of bikes:- These are lightweight, strong and compact in design and shape which helps a pro-stuntman to manoeuvre well without a glitch. At present, Lakshay is using a bike with the best components with all parts made up of alloy 6061. The cost of the bike is around Rs 2 lac.
High point:- He promised his father to make him proud in front of society and people who mocked and insulted him for choosing this peculiar profession. He achieved it by winning several renowned championships around the globe. His dad was felicitated on platforms after platforms due to Lakshay’s achievements.


Lakshay Jangid: City stunt rider Lakshay Jangid: City stunt rider
Lakshay Jangid: City stunt rider Lakshay Jangid: City stunt rider
Lakshay Jangid: City stunt rider Lakshay Jangid: City stunt rider


  • First Tattoo:- This was a logo survivor. He got it ingrained on his calf after returning from Poland in 2017. It reflects the resistance he has to face to survive in the sport and in life.
  • Second Tattoo:- It signifies his love for bikes and passion for stunts. It’s a skull made up of parts of a cycle.
  • Third Tattoo:– It’s his own photo, where we can see him performing a stunt. It is carved beautifully on his forearm. The tattoo keeps him going during tough phases.
Inspiration:- He considers Polish legend Kamil Kobedzowski as his role model. Interestingly, Kamil has retired and focusing on popularising the sport. He’s three years younger to Lakshay and addresses him as grandpa.
Safety Gears:– Lakshay advice a quality full face helmet, flat sole shoes, knee guards, elbow guards for beginners. Safety is the major concern in this game. Kids trying to take up this sport must perform their stunts in the aegis of an expert.  Youngsters can take up it as a career if they discipline themselves and work hard to achieve precision.
Future plans:– Lakshay biggest dream is to establish the root of the games firmly in India and attract youth to take it up as a profession. He’s working toward getting the respect that the sport deserves. He wants to organize a world championship in the country.


He says that Indian players lack proper diet. His diet is as follows:-
  • Breakfast:- He does an intense workout in the morning so, Protein shake, boiled eggs, fruits and sprouts
  • Afternoon:- Heavy diet i.e. Rice, chapatti, pulses and buttermilk
  • Evening:- Light food; grilled chicken or eggs.

He prefers less oil, sugar and salt to maintain his body.

Hobbies:- Besides biking, he loves running, music (Rajasthani folk and hard rock) and playing volleyball. Music soothes him the most like meditation.
Lakshay’s USP:- Headstand cycling on roads of the mountains for several minutes.

Wise words from celebrities:- Many celebrities have encouraged and appreciated Lakshay for the exceptional work he does, but lately, Ranvijay Singha’s (MTV Roadies and SplitsVilla fame) words took him by surprise. He asked him to not indulge in any controversy and hone his skills. Ranvijay showered praises for his performances. Sunny Leone performed a stunt with him and thoroughly enjoyed it with Lakshay. She was stunned and amazed to see such a talent in him. Both Ranvijay and Sunny Leone posted videos and photos with him on their social media accounts.


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Upcoming competition:- 
He’s preparing for the world championship slated to take place in Poland between September14-15, 2019. He’s preparing hard for it.
Education and Job:- Lakshay is a multifaceted person. He has a master’s degree (M.Com) and he’s a trained German instructor. He juggles his job at Decathlon from Friday-Sunday and practices rest 4 days in the week.

:- He attributes his success to the most strong women in his life; his mother Maya.

Lakshay believes that he has a lot more to achieve and doesn’t want to settle for less.

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