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Keeping up with Contemporary: Jaipur Edition

Keeping up with Contemporary

When we say contemporary fashion, that means to drop the idea of mainstream commercial fashion. Fast fashion is off our radar because let’s face it doesn’t last. What does last are experiences, art, and fundamentals. Contemporary fashion is a broad umbrella, but we will be elucidating what is more experiential and mind enriching.

Jaipur is a mixed bag of contemporary and classic, and the set up fits perfectly for the brands we will be talking about. The true fashion connoisseurs love to know the journey of the garment, every little detail from craftsmanship to design sensibility, the impact of it on a psychological and emotional level. Yes, fashion is not frivolous; it has become more purposeful than ever and continues to put a statement across.

What makes it purposeful are the thinkers, the creators, the industry game-changers—sustainable development with cohesive efforts of the artists and the craftsmen.

Check out these brands based out of Jaipur if you haven’t already who are making such a statement in the industry.

1. Muksweta

It is a brand that focuses on beautiful hand-painted merchandise. Majorly on ethnic wear like sarees and suits, but they also offer customizable service on different merchandise like juttis, bags, etc. The hand-painted saree is something to treasure and works beautifully against the vintage charm of Jaipur city. Flowers for summer is a cliché but not hand-painted ones.


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2. Nila

Nila is love at first sight, and it is no exaggeration. In brief, it offers you Music, Books, Fashion, Visual Aesthetics, and calmness that ticks off my check-list. Nila is not blue here; they have derived their name from Tamil, meaning ‘Moon.’ They have musical nights, textile workshops, a small library, and an ‘Aangan’ for Soiree. In addition to these garments that are dipped in Indigo. Calming like the Moon, do check out their Instagram Profile.


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3. Harago

It is a brand that savors the heritage of craftsmanship and love for textiles. While their silhouettes are understated, they pay attention to offer some of the best textiles that will stay and live a long story with you.


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4. Teatro Dhora

Teatro is a concept store that celebrates good living with fashion. Along with fashion, they also serve coffee and some tidbit. And if you are lucky enough, you might walk into a jamming session of some artists. This store also offers a platform to theatre artists and musicians. The traditional landscape and arts of Rajasthan find its modern representation in fashion through Dhora India.


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5. Rias Jaipur

Rias Jaipur’s core belief is to keep traditional crafts alive along with giving artisans a sustainable standard of living. Hence, their fabric to finish process is all handmade. Their brand focuses on Dabu and Hand Block Print, which is the age-old craft of this arid land. Their style is minimal, modern, and indigenous.


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Contemporary fashion to us is how the garment makes you feel. Calming, blooming whatever it is, it is about experiences. Even 50 years later, you will remember that shirt you wore to your favorite artist’s musical event. The happiness you will feel when you find five years old shirt from a corner of your wardrobe, and you can still wear it.

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