International Tea Day: Why May 21 is celebrated as International Tea Day | History of Tea

Tea is a popular drink around the world, but Indians do not have tea in the morning. It is an integral part of life for us. Tea is a drink that is liked by everyone from poor to rich and is also accessible to everyone.

International Tea Day

On December 15, International Tea Day 2019 is being celebrated by tea-producing countries around the world. However, on the recommendation of India, the United Nations (UN) has declared 21 May as International Tea Day. This proposal was made by India at the International Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Intergovernmental Group meeting held in Milan 4 years ago. International Tea Day began in New Delhi on 15 December 2005 but a year later it was celebrated in Sri Lanka and spread from there to the world.

Some Unknown Facts about Tea

India’s role in making this day special

At the request of India from the United Nations (UN), it was decided to celebrate May 21 as International Tea Day. The purpose of organizing this day on behalf of the UN is also to recognize the farmers engaged in tea cultivation.

Importance of International Tea Day

The International Tea Day aims to raise awareness about the long history, the cultural and economic importance of tea worldwide. The purpose of the day is to promote and nurture community initiatives to take initiatives in support of sustainable tea production and consumption. At the same time, awareness has to be raised about the relevance of tea in the fight against hunger and poverty.

Buddhist monks used to chew leaves for not sleeping

The Buddhist monk Zen, who later became the founder of Buddhism, gave up sleep for seven years to learn the secret of life. When he was in his fifth year, he started chewing bush leaves. They survived with the help of these leaves and they could not sleep after chewing them. These wild leaves were tea leaves. After this people started chewing these leaves too.

British East India Company started production

Till the 16th century, people have been seen using Tea Leaves as a vegetable. They also grinded it and made a black drink and drank it. But in the 19th century, its production in India was started by the British East India Company. Also, the first tea garden in Assam was also started by British East India. After that, tea came into vogue. Today, tea is cultivated in different parts of India.

Some unique ways not to dissolve taste and health in tea

  • Do not boil more after adding tea leaves to the water. This can lead to cancer of the food pipe.
  • Instead of milk brown tea, sometimes place black tea in your morning. This will protect you from digestive problems.
  • Add medicinal herbs like basil, ginger, cardamom and cinnamon before adding tea to the boiling water. This will protect you from seasonal infections.
  • Add a piece of ginger to the tea when you have periods. This will relieve you from stomach cramps.
  • If you want to avoid diabetes and dry skin, give up the habit of adding sugar to tea. Within a month, you will see its effect.
  • If you are fond of sweetmeat, then add honey or jaggery to the tea. But after cooking tea. It will not increase your sugar level and will also improve the skin.
  • If you have stomach pain or gas problems, then add a little celery to the tea. It will also give you relief from stomach aches with a different taste.
  • And most importantly, buy small cups of tea. Drink tea leisurely. It will have a different taste in every sip.

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