India’s mental health and what can be done about it!

Mental Health illness - the city stuff

India is officially the most depressed country in the world. Every year, over 50 million cases of bipolar are diagnoses, out of which India takes a huge share of 20% patients.

So, we can say India’s mental health is not okay! Lately, we have been hearing words like “Oh, did you hear about that comedian, who died while performing. He got an anxiety attack”. Sadly, someone has to die for mental health to become a topic of discussion. Yes, anxiety, depression, bipolar, psychosis –are all fatal, but why do they have to be?

Mental Health illness 1- the city stuff

There are various reasons why India doesn’t take its mental health seriously!

1) Lack of awareness: It’s rather funny how Indian society’s response to psychological issues is “Isme kuch ghus gaya hai, ise jhaada lagwao”. Somehow, in our society believing in paranormal is more normal than mental wellbeing. So, after countless encounters with enough tantriks, one succumbs to an illness that could have been managed.

2) Expensive treatment: For those very few who know the right option, they may find a financial barrier. After all, psychologists and psychiatrists are specialized in detoxifying your life, and for that important task, they don’t charge lesser than 2k a session. It takes countless sessions to make it out free and fine. Indian wages don’t allow for European hourly expenses. Perhaps why, most people stick to not consulting a doctor at all.

However, there is a way out!

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, it is exactly what your doctor does to you when you go for a session. There is a CBT for depression, a CBT for anxiety – for every mental illness, and it is always a crucial part of the treatment.

With the help of their videos, you can do your own CBT, free of cost! Plus, you also get to understand the signs, symptoms, and how to fight depression, anxiety, among others.

Thank us later, go, spread it!

You can find the CBT for different mental illnesses on this channel:



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