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Hrithik Roshan teases the filming of Krrish 4


Get your back pack and be ready to go on the odyssey of Krrish 4. Superstar Hrithik Roshan has teased on his social media platforms about the filming of the movie. The Krrish movie franchise that started from Koi Mil Gaya has now completed 15 years on Wednesday, June 23, 2021. Its first installment released in 2006. That starred Hrithik Roshan in double roles. Naseeruddin Shah played the antagonist whereas Priyanka Chopra played his love interest.

Rekha also had a crucial role to play in the movie as the mother of Rohit and Grandmother to Krishna (Krrish). The franchise is quite popular among kids and also draws nostalgia for people who were in their teens or pre-teens when the film released.

Krrish 3 released in 2013 and had Kangana Ranaut, Priyanka Chopra and Vivek Oberoi along with Hrithik. Rakesh Chopra (Hrithik’s dad) has helmed all three parts and written the stories. Music has been rendered by another family man and veteran musician Rajesh Roshan (uncle of Hrithik). The social media went a buzz soon after the announcement. It is trending on different platforms.


It will be interesting to know about the star cast and computer graphics and visual effects. After MCU and DC, Krrish4 will have the competition and expectations to meet.

Fans waiting to know the Star Cast

Fans are waiting to see who will be the girl opposite Hirthik, since Priyanka Chopra has married Nick Jonas and settled in the US. Also, the last film ended with both becoming parents of a wizard toddler.

Big Budget Film

When the last part released there wasn’t so much hype and excitement for Hollywood superhero films. But now, the tables have altered. The intrusion and quality of films we are getting to witness are massive. So, Rakesh Roshan will have to pull some sorcery up his serves with script and special effects. Also, Hrithik will have to bring his charm with out of the box style.

Also, the Corona virus has stalled the film from getting on the floors from the scheduled date. The filming may take time too. So, you might have to wait until December 2022 or the first quarter of 2023 before the film hit the theatres.

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