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Extreme Heatwave in Canada broke the record of 10 thousand years | 50°C Temperature in Canada

The heat in Canada has broken the 10,000 year record. In the province of British Columbia, mercury has been recorded up to 49.44 °C.


The heat has wreaked havoc in the US and Canada. Due to this, people are losing their lives there every day. A total of 581 people have lost their lives in both countries so far. In America, the death toll in the Pacific Northwest region is increasing. Medical workers say the death toll could rise as the extreme heat has caused hundreds of deaths in Oregon, Washington State and British Columbia, Canada. It is being ascertained whether all the deaths were due to heatwaves. The region started experiencing severe heat on June 25 and some areas got some relief only on Tuesday.


Due to the heat dome built in the Canadian sky, the heat has broken the 10,000-year record. In the province of British Columbia, mercury has been recorded up to 49.44 °C. Due to extreme heat, 230 people have died in a single day. British Columbia’s Premier John Horgan confirmed the death, saying that 230 people had died in his state due to extreme temperatures.

Temperature reached beyond 50 degrees Celsius

Before this Sunday, the temperature in Canada had never exceeded 113 degrees Fahrenheit or 45 degrees Celsius. This temperature record was made in the year 1937. But this time due to the heat dome formed once in 10 thousand years, the temperature has also crossed 49 degrees Celsius. Officials say 65 people have died due to the heat in Vancouver alone.

Canada Meteorological Department

The Canadian Meteorological Service said that words cannot describe this extreme heat. The Met Office said British Columbia’s record is now higher than the highest temperature ever recorded in Las Vegas. This heatwave extends from Canada to America. Record temperatures are also being experienced in Washington and Oregon in the US.

What is the reason for this heat in Canada?

Scientists are blaming the ‘heat dome’ for this condition. This is the condition of the climate in which the temperature rises rapidly. This is visible when the temperature of the oceans increases. This process is called convection, in which hot air coming upwards heats the water from the ocean floor to the top. The hot air rises up and forms a circle and moves forward. This is the heat dome.

What is Heat Dome, Which created havoc?

For the first time in Canada in the last 10,000 years, the Heat Dome has caused havoc by increasing the heat. This causes the heat to spread more in the atmosphere and affects the pressure and wind patterns. This pile of hot air gets trapped in the high-pressure area. This makes the surrounding air even hotter. It does not let outside air in and keeps the inside air warm.

This happened for the first time in 10 thousand years

American media CBS meteorologist Jeff Berardelli said that if we talk according to the data, then events like heat dome happen only once in 10,000 years. If you have lived in a place for the last 10,000 years, you will only be able to experience the heat of a heat dome once. Captain Mike Kalanj of the Burnaby Royal Canadian Mounted Police said he had received 25 death calls in the past 24 hours.

Poor condition due to lack of AC

Now the temperature which has increased in the last week has proved to bring the evening to Canadians. Actually, due to the cold there, an air conditioner is not needed in most of the houses. So the people living in these houses without AC are suffering from the heat.

What is the Canadian Government doing?

The Canadian government is making many efforts for rescue. For example, cooling was arranged by installing air conditioners in the stadium. These stadiums are open to people, where people can come and work and sleep. That is, it remains a kind of temporary refugee camp like it is made in the areas affected by a natural disaster.

Cold Water Showers

Misting stations were prepared in many big cities. This is the place where cold water fountains run so that the body can get relief from the heat, but only temporarily. People are gathering in such places leaving the fear of Corona.

Police appealed to seek help only in case of Emergency

The Meteorological Department has said that record-breaking heat waves may subside in parts of British Columbia, Yukon and the Northwest Territories by Wednesday. However, heat is expected to persist over the Prairie regions. In Vancouver, the Police Department said it has redeployed dozens of officers and asked the public to call 911 only for emergencies. Heat-related deaths have depleted the front-line resources of hospitals, making it difficult to help people.

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