Four More Shot Please entertains with a twist

Four More Shots Please! is a story of four women from contrasting worlds but closely knit with each other. However, it’s not a  breakaway from conventional female-driven shows. Here, the spectacular cast uplifts a mediocre storyline and does a fantastic job. The show on a whole was quite clumsy for me but a fun watch.

Four women, Siddhi, Damini, Umang and Anjana are trying to make it in Mumbai and support each other throughout thick and thin. Siddhi Patel (played by Maanvi Gagroo) is a simple Gujarati girl whose life’s main goal is to get married. She does quirky things like making a marriage resume and learning music to please men. Then, we meet Damini Rizvi Roy (played by Sayani Gupta), a fearless journalist and the founder of Her OCD adds an interesting flavour to the character. Umang  Singh (played by VJ Bani)  is a bisexual gym trainer who hails from a small village in Punjab. Anjana Menon (played by Kirti Kulhari) is a divorced single mother and a successful lawyer. Hell breaks loose as slowly each and everyone’s life takes unexpected twists and turns. The series focuses on sexual exploration and self-discovery of these women and how situations affect them.

The storyline was a clear miss for me. The writers try to fit too much information and end up oversimplifying the story. Obviously, it is a difficult task to display four different worlds in one frame and the makers faulter to execute it. Too much is happening on the screen which gets utterly ridiculous after a point. It’s a prick in the show’s success. In short, the storyline is a jack of all trades, master of none.

The dialogues are well written. There are certain scenes which are brilliant. Damini (aka Sayani) talking about trolls says, “Jo Log Apna chehra bhi Nahi dikha sakte, unse kya darna.” (Why to get scared of people who can’t even show their faces). The discussion between Umang’s family about lesbians is hilarious. A woman pronounces the word lesbian as ‘Lebanese’ and the other corrects her by saying that it is ‘Lisbon‘. There are several such funny moments which lightens the mood of the story.

The show has been beautifully shot giving us the insight of life in a metro. Be it the seaside shots at Marine Drive or the concert in Goa, everything has been shot aesthetically. The attractive portrayal of city life makes the show engaging to watch. The sound effects and editing are flawless. The show deserves a 10-on-10 in this department.

The bunch of good actors is the lifeline of the show. The leading ladies are a blend of perfection and talent. These ladies have had impeccable projects in the past and their magnificent acting doesn’t surprise me. Milind Soman as Dr Aamir Warsi is a character to watch out. His female fan following would definitely be elated to see the charmer playing a sensual role. A big shout-out to Simone Singh, who plays Sneha Patel, Siddhi’s sassy and mean mother. Apart from them, Prateik Babbar, Neil Bhoopalam, Amrita Puri, Lisa Ray, Paras Tomar, Ankur Rathee have justified their roles. Sapna Pabbi and Nimisha Mehta have done a cameo. 

The idea had the potential, but it struggles due to a poor storyline and screenplay. It hampers the overall narrative of the show. Still, as an audience, you will find your moments to enjoy it. Though it serves the same old, the cast makes sure you get entertainment. Overall, I rate the show a 7 out of 10.

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