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Flying Car Video: Flying Car created History, Traveled from one City to another for the first time

Flying Car : For the first time in the world an AirCar has traveled from one city to another. It took only two minutes to convert this car into a plane.

flying car first look

Flying Car means a car flying in the air, the mind gets thrilled on hearing this. The discussion has been going on about this for many years. Many companies around the world have been claiming to make flying cars and have been coming in the news too. You must have also read and seen and heard it. But the biggest question was when will this flying car come!

There is good news for those who have wanted to fly in the air for a long time. A car that has the ability to fly on the road, as well as fly in the air, sounds quite exciting to think about but building it is equally challenging. However, now this dream is going to come true. A similar car has now completed a historic flight from one city to another.


This car is made by a company called Aircar and this car took off between the two international airports of Slovakia Nitra and Bratislava on 28 June. This flying car took only 35 minutes to cover the distance between the two airports. Not only this, this car turns into a flying car within just three minutes. This car is powered by a 160 horsepower BMW engine.

Flying Car Speed: 160 KMPH on the ground and 180 KMPH in the Air

Once filled with oil, this car can fly for about 1000 km at an altitude of 8200 feet. It is fitted with a fixed propeller and parachute. This car can fly in the air at a speed of 180 kmph. The company is planning to increase its speed to 300 kmph. This car has flown 40 hours so far. The car turned itself at 45 degrees during its flight. This car takes just two minutes and 15 seconds to fly. That’s the same time it takes to convert it from car to plane.

After this stupendous success, it is believed that the traffic map between cities will change in the coming years. That too when metropolitan cities around the world are battling with heavy traffic jams on the roads. Flying cars can reduce the pressure on the roads in the future and can also save travel time. Companies like Uber have already announced that they are working on a flying car.  These cars will be used for traffic between one city to another in the coming times.

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Estimated Price of Flying Car will Surprise you

Talking about the flying car prices, the Liberty Commercial Flying Car is likely to be available in the starting range of $3.99 Lakh i.e. approx. Rs 2.92 Crore (excluding Tax). The company ran its test prototype in the year 2012 on land and in the air.

Since then work on its commercial product was going on. The car is also undergoing aviation certification with the European Aviation Safety Agency since 2015. It is being said in media reports that it is expected to be finalized in the year 2022.

Flying Car will also be Produced in India

According to the company, dual licenses will be required for this car. Both driving and flying licenses will be necessary to operate and fly it. According to media reports, training for a gyroplane flying license has started at PAL-V Fly Drive Academy.

According to reports, Dutch company PAL-V has also tied up with the Gujarat government for one of its production plants. It is being said that these cars will also be produced in Gujarat and the flying cars prepared here will be exported to European countries. At present, when it will come to India, it is not decided.

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