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Jaipur Model Alia Sharma

Alia Sharma is an international model, who reminds us of Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif. Like the beautiful damsel, she has an Indian father and a Turkish mother. The girl from Turkey started her career four years back and has walked the ramp for several renowned designers nationally and internationally. She has shot for many famous brands from clothing, shoes, cars and others. Also, Alia has been the cover face for many, and she has done several events. The lanky lass known for her attitude and sharp features spoke to Anand Gupta from The City Stuff and shared some insights into the modelling field.


When was the first you felt you wanted to be a model?

Ans: I loved fashion since I was very young, a kid, maybe eight years old. My mother used to dress me up very nicely. She does styling and fashion as well. I used to take care of myself and dress up modestly. I know how to maintain myself. I didn’t wear the same clothes twice. I was aware of school clothes, party clothes, and festival clothes.


Were your parents supportive of your decision or they resisted?

Ans: Of course I have good support from my family because my mom used to like fashion. She didn’t know I would become a model but they supported to become an artist.


What roadblocks difficulties did you face in the field initially? 

Ans: I did face many things in this industry. Especially in the beginning, because I had no knowledge, does not matter how many classes you take, grooming classes you take and how many people you talk to in the industry. When I went out and met different people on shoot, created my own portfolio and then gained knowledge. Everyone has their own style. Everybody has a good side and a bad side. And every career and field have the same.


What difficulties did you face in your struggling days?

Ans: In my struggling daysI didn’t know too much about how to deal with things. The basic thing in our field is that we don’t meet the same people. We are not an office worker, we are not a teacher, and we do not meet the same people every day. The first struggle I felt was that I used to meet with a different type of people. Not every designer is the same, not every make-up artist is the same, not every photographer is the same. And no matter how long you work in the industry, you cannot work with the same people regularly. In the beginning, I didn’t know how to be flexible because I felt people looked at me in the wrong way. That’s not true actually, they don’t mean it, and that’s how it is. There was a struggle, but I remained strong.


What types of photoshoots or ramp walk you generally do?

Ans: Well I do all types of fashion shows and all sorts of photoshoots. I don’t do bikini and lingerie. Personally, I don’t like it. I like to show the beauty in different ways. I’m too much into designer shoots, too much into make-up shoots. And I love to show my personality and beauty into that. I walked on-ramp in Bombay, Delhi, Jaipur. I’ve worked with different choreographers and brands.


Your most memorable event so far, and why?

Ans: Two years back I did an Auto expo event where I was the face of a big brand’s car. So, I’ve attached that achievement to my portfolio and social media. This kind of thing is too good. Such opportunities don’t come easy. People used to wait for me there. I used to send a video message saying hi and all that.


The number of brands you’ve represented so far, name them?

Ans: I cannot count how many brands and designers I’ve worked with. I’ve been the face of so many designers in India and out of India. I have been facing for so many make-up artists like Anubha, Fiza, Hina. Designers like Rohit Kamra, Ashna. In Dubai, I’m promoting a brand called Make-up forever. I’ve done a house shoot for an abaya brand there. So, when you’re doing modelling full-time, you work a lot.


How do you take care of your skin and fitness?

Ans: Fitness and skin make one a successful model; it is as simple as that. The kind of food you need to take is different, the quantity, the quality and everything else. The basic thing for a model and normal girls is very distinct. The amount of skincare should be very very high. It requires facial, massage and other cleansing routines. I obliterate my make-up in the night and apply cream and other home remedies to keep it healthy. I use mask, intake vitamin supplements for skin glow. Fitness is like a lifestyle. You need to exercise, and you need to go to a gym. One needs to eat healthily. However, there can be 1 or 2 cheating days, but I take care of my food during shoots. I carry fruits and black coffee with me. It helps me keep active and maintains weight. I do not put sugar or milk in and follow my diet plan.


Walk us through your achievements so far?

Ans:- No matter how much more you do, it is always less. I started my modelling career 4 years back. Now, I can do styling for myself as well as make-up. So, I always try to achieve more and more. I like to take myself from one level to the other in this industry without mixing everything. So, sometimes I don’t require the help of professional make-up and styling artists. That’s a big achievement for me. So, always remember you achieve what you focus on.


What is your career preference after modelling?

Ans: After modelling, I’ll still be a model. It’s a package including styling and a make-up artist. I’ll continue doing both. Besides, I’m very good with colours, so I do painting and make-up.


How are you coping up with Corona Virus Lockdown?

Ans: Basically this lockdown has proved to be so good for my skin. I don’t have to step out in the sun. And I don’t need to do so much make-up. So, I take care of my skin as much as I can. My fitness thing is still going on. I work out and maintain the regime. I take care of my food whenever I can. It is not like I eat too much because I have nothing to do. I never think like that.


Besides modelling, what do you like doing?

Ans: As I told you, I’m an artist. I like to do paintings. I like to do styling and make-up.


As a female, do you think it is tough for girls to sustain in this field compared to boys?

Ans: No, I don’t think so. I feel boys have to struggle a lot in the industry. There is so much work for females, like back to back. Whereas, males find it difficult to find it that frequently.


What safety measures should a girl model take to avoid any untoward incidents?

Ans: Whenever a girl model goes out, she should take care of herself. That really important, you should be confident.


As a model, do you have some rules in experimentation?

Ans: My rules are to take care my your skills and promote myself as a flexible person, who can do different types of works.


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How can someone make a career in modelling?

Ans: For a career in this industry, one should be ready to meet different people every day and shouldn’t doubt anyone’s intentions if someone behaves badly as this is how the industry functions. Be open-minded, prove yourself by being good in your field. Don’t try to be negative at all. One needs to grow with time. What I was four years ago, I’m not today. I’ve evolved a lot. I’ve worked on my skills and became better.


What are the most important things to be a model?

Ans: For being a model, one needs to be confident and well behaved with clients and everyone she meets. Be honest about your opinions if you like something or not as I know what kind of shoots suit me and what kind of fashion shows suit me. One needs to take up the responsibility while promoting a brand. One needs to set up their mind, that I’m different and not like everybody. Your mindset should accept that you are a model. Your lifestyle should be good. Do not copy anyone, make your own style. Take care of fitness and do not eat anything. Always be ready to travel. It starts with you, and every girl should understand what her strengths are.

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