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Everything you want to know about Sarees | Different types of Sarees in India

Every Indian woman has a variety of sarees in her wardrobe. From Kanjeevaram sarees to Jamdani sarees, Silk Sarees, Banarasi sarees and Kalamkari sarees.

Different Types of Saree for Indian Women

As soon as we hear about the sarees in India, the whole personality of the Indian woman emerges in front of the eyes. Saree is the main garment of Indian women. Saree is being liked a lot even in foreign countries today. Foreign guests who come to India also feel like Indians by wearing saris.

Saree is probably one of the longest and oldest garments in the world. Its length is more than all the clothes and in a way, it is also the identity of Indians from time immemorial. It is about 5 to 6 yards long and can be worn with a blouse or choli and petticoat. In Maharashtra, it is customary to wear a nine-yard sari.

If we look at the history of the saree, it is mentioned in the Vedas. The word Sari is first mentioned in Yajurveda. At the same time, according to the code of Rigveda, it has been said that the wife has to wear a sari at the time of Yagya or Havan. Gradually it became a part of Indian tradition and even today the saree is India’s own identity.

In the mythological text Mahabharata, there is a reference to the rip-off of Draupadi. When Duryodhana, in anger, publicly challenged Draupadi’s identity by winning her in a gaming game, Lord Krishna protected her by increasing the length of the sari. This shows that the sari is not only a dress but also a self armor for the woman.

Saree, a traditional dress from ancient times, is available today in a variety of colors and designs. With time it changed. The upper part of men and women is shown exposed in the second century. There was no significant change in it until the twelfth century. Since the sari has a special association with religion, many religious traditional arts have been incorporated into it and the colors and designs have changed.

The social impact of religion and color can also be clearly seen on the saree. Where earlier, according to the social custom, married women used to wear colorful and designed sarees and widows were given white-colored saree to wear. He was considered color blind. Traditions have also changed over time.

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There are many ways of wearing a saree depending on the geographical location and traditional values ​​and interests. Kanjeevaram sarees, Banarasi sarees, Patola sarees and Hakoba are the main types of sarees in India. Chanderi, Maheshwari, Madhubani Printing of Madhya Pradesh, Coral Rasham of Assam, Bomkai of Orissa, Bandhej of Rajasthan, Gathoda of Gujarat, Pataula, Tasar of Bihar, Katha, Chhattisgarhi Kosa Rashmi, Rashmi Sarees of Delhi, Jharkhandi Kosa Rasham, of Maharashtra  Paithani, Kanjeevaram of Tamil Nadu, Banarasi sarees, Tanchi, Jamdani, Jamvar of Uttar Pradesh and Baluchari and Kantha Tangal of West Bengal are the famous sarees.

Different types of Sarees in India

Banarasi Saree

Banarasi saree is a special type of saree which is worn on auspicious occasions.  It is mainly made in Chandauli, Banaras, Jaunpur, Azamgarh, Mirzapur and Sant Ravidasnagar districts of Uttar Pradesh. The beautiful silk saree prepared by weaving in Banaras silk sarees by mixing zari designs with weaving is called Banarasi saree.

Earlier the main pillar of the economy of Banaras was the work of Banarasi saree, but now the identity of this saree is in danger. Once pure gold zari was used in it, but now imitation shiny zari is also being used.

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Maharashtrian Saree

A special sari is worn in Maharashtra which is nine yards long, it is called Paithani. It is made in the city of Paithan, the inspiration for making this sari was found from the painting done in the cave of Ajanta. It has its own traditional style of wearing which comes only to the women of Maharashtra.

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Patola Saree

This saree is mainly made by handloom. Patola saree is made from both sides and very fine work is done in it. It is made from silk threads. Patola Design and Patola Sarees are also now on the verge of extinction. The reason for this is that its weavers do not get the price according to the cost.

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Maheshwari Saree

This saree is mainly worn in Madhya Pradesh. Earlier this cotton saree was made only but now gradually silk is also being made. Its history is very old. Devi Ahilyabai, the great ruler of the Holkar dynasty, had brought some weavers from Gujarat and settled some weavers in Maheshwar and provided them houses, trade and other facilities. This weaver used to prepare Maheshwari sarees.

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Chanderi Saree

The world-famous sarees of Chanderi are woven on handloom even today, this is its specialty. These sarees have a rich history of their own. Earlier these saris were worn only in the royal family, but now it has reached the common people also. It takes a weaver a year to make a Chanderi saree, that is why while making Chanderi sarees, artisans apply kajal vaccine on every meter to protect it from outside sight.

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Jamdani Saree

Jamdani Saree This word is made up of two words Jam and Dani. ‘Jam’ means flower and ‘Dani’ means Hoki, Bouquet. Jamdani sarees are made in Dhaka and Bangladesh. The mention of this sari is found in Chanakya’s Arthashastra from the third century. Since then till now the identity of this saree remains the same. It is very easy to wear this saree but its cost is also very less. You can buy it in good quality from 1000 thousand rupees to 10000 thousand rupees.

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Pattachitra Saree

Before talking about Pattachitra saree, let us tell you that this too has been made by mixing two words. ‘Patta’ means cloth and ‘Chitra’ means painting i.e. from the name itself, it is understood that the saree on which the pictures are made is a Pattachitra saree. But mythology and folk pictures are made on this saree not like this. It takes several months to make a Pattachitra saree as it is painted by hand. Mainly these sarees are made in Orissa. Pattachitra sarees range in price from Rs 2000 to Rs 40000.

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Kalamkari Saree

Kalamkari is also made up of two words.Kalam’ means pen and ‘Kari’ means workmanship, the saree on which work is done with a pen is called Kalamkari saree. These handloom sarees are worn by most of the heroines of Bollywood. From Vidya Balan to Shreya Saran, Rekha, Dia Mirza, Kirron Kher, every big Bollywood heroine is seen in Kalamkari saree. This workmanship is done with tamarind branches and charcoal pencils. This 3 thousand-year-old workmanship is made in Andhra and Tamil Nadu. The threads of the saree are colored by mixing cow dung and milk. Its cost is not high and one can buy a Kalamkari saree from Rs 600 to Rs 7000.

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Kanjeevaram Saree

The history of Kanjeevaram Saree is 400 years old. Because these sarees are made in the village of Kanjipuram near Tamil Nadu, hence their name is Kanjeevaram. Bollywood actress Rekha is considered to be the brand ambassador of Kanjeevaram sarees. These sarees give a royal look to women. Kanjeevaram sarees are made from very special mulberry silk and zari threads. The cost of this saree ranges from Rs 7000 to Rs 2 lakh and if you are wearing a Kanjeevaram saree of a big designer like Rekha, then the price can also go up to 10-15 lakhs.

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Gadwal Saree

Gadwal sarees are specially made in Gadwal and Telangana. These sarees are lightweight and can be tied easily. If this saree is called the best saree of India then it will not be wrong. These sarees are so thin and soft that it is said that pure Gadwal sarees even get packed in a matchbox. The palla and border of this saree are woven separately. Apart from India, this saree demand is very high in America, London and many countries of Europe. The most important thing is that you will easily get Gadwal silk saree from Rs 7000 to Rs 20000 thousand.

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Apart from these, sarees are also made in India in different colors and designs, but these sarees have their own special features. Now, sarees are made in the mill, whose designs can be similar, but still, the special traditional sarees made on handlooms do not have any other design.

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