China Virus or Corona Virus, know what it is ???

China Virus or Corona Virus
China Virus or Corona Virus

Corona threat is quickly taking a toll on noted people. After infecting Prince Charles, the pandemic virus has also stung United Kingdom’s PM Boris Johnson and Health Minister Matt Hancock. He has tested positive. It has come as a shock provided the security and safety bestowed there.

However, the birthplace of pandemic China is recovering quickly. Following this, several conspiracy theories are floating on social media. People have termed it a China Virus or Chinese Virus. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are flooding with such messages.

The virulent of the terminology came from US President Donald Trump. In his press conferences and media interaction, he has categorically called it Chinese Virus.

Interestingly, viruses like Zika, Nipah, SARS, MERS, Anthrax, Spanish Flu, Swine Flu, Ebola and others derive their name from their places of origin. However, China has objected to the name-calling.

Here are some facts questioning China’s intentions:-

  • The first case of Covid-19 came on November 17, 2019. There are enough indications regarding its virality and rapid transmission. But Xi Jinping’s country hid the fact. 
  • The whistleblower doctor Li Wenliang lost his life in anonymity. His vigilance led to his death.
  • Wuhan province witnessed the first case where a person who contracted it had bat soup. And it transmitted from one person to the other.
  • Notably, the other states and cities in China remained wary of it. Instead, it kept on spreading in other countries of the world. The worst affected remains Italy with maximum mortality.
  • Somehow, China, which shutdown Wuhan earlier, has again started the functionality. And there are no cases anywhere else in the country.
  • It has started all its operations like before to channelise its economy.
  • Also, it has hard-pressed UNSC to not raise the Covid19 issue in its seminar and meetings. Russia and South Africa have come in support.
  • Surprisingly, South Africa has locked-down the entire nation for several days from March 26, 2020, onward. 
  • It is a known fact that China, for its greed and expansionist activities, has seized lands in many poor and lesser developed nations. Its illegal port on the South China sea is still the contention of worry in the world.
  • Chinese market didn’t dwindle much. On the other hand, the world stock market and commodity exchanges fell flat. They have still not recovered. Investors lost trillions of dollars. 
  • Now, China is offering to buy several Indian country’s start-ups at a low price. It raises questions on the evil intent and malice. 
  • While the world economy is in the state of paralysis, Chinese have started production, back on track with no more fatality in the news.
  • They are offering to help other nations. Spain bought medical equipment worth 432 million Euros. Within two months, the markets, cinema halls and other financial bazaars are doing well in China.
  • Jinping wore just an RM1 facemask as a President of one of the most influential nations while visiting epidemic affected areas. He should have been covered sufficiently. Such acts cast doubts. 
  • Even the World Health Organization (WHO)gave a clean chit to China in January 2020. Had the preventive measures were taken, the spread could be avoided. It shows the underlying corruption and power of Jinping administration. 
  • Trump has always lauded his economic contribution to the USA. His entire campaign for getting re-elected lies on it. But today, the power hub of economy New York has emerged as the most important place affected by the Corona Virus. It can hit Mr Donald. 
  • Three Veto power nations the US, France and UK, are severely impacted. Their economies are suffering. It automatically empowers communist countries like Russia and China. 
  • Koren TV series in 2018 mentioned a bio-weapon of a certain scale. They gave details of the name, vaccine, and how it would aid China.
  • The book by Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui in 1999 “Unrestricted Warfare” mention the plan to unstable America. It is available on Amazon. 

There are many such facts, theories, reliable and non-reliable stories running on various platforms. Several are backed with essential proofs. But one thing is for sure, there can’t be smoke without fire. China may face sanctions once the outbreak is under control. The virus is growing at an exponential rate with mortality increasing every minute.

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