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iPhone usage will change with iOS 15 | Best things about ios15

ios 15 features

Apple has officially launched iOS 15 at WWDC 2021. With iOS 15, many changes have been made regarding iMessage and FaceTime. Apart from this, many features have also been launched regarding privacy. Apart from this, there is systemwide support for sharing. Many updates have been given for device intelligence. The update of iOS 15 will be available to all models of iPhone from12 series to iPhone 6s. The public beta will release next month.  Hindi has also been supported for iOS Quickpath Swipe keyboard. iPadOS 15 has also been introduced at WWDC 2021. Apart from this, watchOS 8 has also been announced with many new features. Let’s know about the top features of iOS 15 including new FaceTime, new iMessage and new notifications.

New FaceTime in iOS 15

Video calling and video conferencing have increased significantly due to the lockdown. Apple’s FaceTime app is a video calling app. Till now Apple’s FaceTime was only for iPhone but now it can be used by Android users as well.  Apart from this, the web version of FaceTime will also be released soon, after which FaceTime will compete with video calling platforms like Zoom, Google Meet. Video and audio calls can also be scheduled through the FaceTime app. After the new update, users will get to enjoy speaker-like audio from the app itself. Voice isolation will be used to block noise. During the FaceTime call, the faces of all the users will be shown in a grid. Whereas portrait mode will blur the background. Apart from this, there will also be an option to create a link. During calls, users will also be able to use other apps.

New iMessage in iOS 15

With iOS 15, users will now be able to search articles in the new iMessage. Apart from this, videos-photos shared in the group will also be searched. There will be a new design of collage for photos which includes full screen and react etc. The sections you share will appear in Apple News, Apple Music, Photos, Safari, Podcasts, etc. Apart from this, there will also be an option to pin the chat.

New Notifications in iOS 15

With the update to iOS 15, notifications will get a new look with a contact’s photo and larger icons. Notifications will be filtered in such a way that you will not have trouble sorting important messages. Apart from this, systemwide DND mode will also be available.

New Photos feature in iOS 15

Live text detection will be available in the new update. Apart from this, the photos in the library will be automatically scanned. Live Text will support 7 languages. On-device intelligence will be able to identify the type of flower, landmark etc. Photos memory can be set to Apple Music. Edit option will also be available in the Memories video.

New Search with iOS 15

Photos and text will now be searchable through Spotlight. The search of photos will depend on the location, name of the person etc. Calendars tagged with photos will also appear. Apart from this, it will be easy to search for actors, movies and shows etc.

iPhone Devices Eligible for Software Update

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