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Beat Corona Virus this Holi with safety gears

The festival of colours Holi has great significance in Indian culture and societies. It has changed over the years but the core of universal brotherhood-sisterhood, forgiveness, love and equality relevant more than anything.

Jaipur based photographers Dhruv Panwar, Suraj Sharma, Dev, Vivek and Jinendra has given the festival a tinge of a twist with his amiable and amicable concept of a photoshoot in the wake of Corona Virus. As we all know, Covid-19 is spreading its adverse effect across the globe. India has discovered several cases, and Jaipur is leading the pack with more than 17 foreigners and other getting quarantined in isolation.

Female Model: Eleanore Swanstrom (International model)
Male Model: Sahil Hansrajani (Mister Planet 2018)
Male Model: Dhananjay Sharma (Entrepreneur  and International DJ)

Dhruv Panwar, a fashion photographer and director of Creative Stories led the team of international models Eleanore Swanstrom (renowned international female model), Sahil Hansrajani (Mister Planet 2018) and Dhananjay Sharma (Entrepreneur and Disk Jockey) to showcase his concept depicting awareness during playing with colours.

They all are wearing masks while Holi colours float in the air (pictures) making it look beautiful. Speaking to us, Dhruv said that the concept revolves around safety during the trying time of the virus. Safety remains paramount. Play it but be cautious. 

Meanwhile, playing her first-ever Holi Miss Swanstrom looked excited and elated. She said it was a great preview of the great festival and everyone should enjoy it by keeping safety gears on.

The DJ Sharma said he enjoyed the peculiar and interesting concept with colours exploding in the air. The natural reactions of models made it worth a photoshoot. He wished everyone a Happy Holi with no virus penetrating. 

Mister Planet Sahil Hansrajani thanked his friend and photographer Dhruv and cautioned everyone to play it safe this time. He enjoyed the theme and wished all with good health. 

The City Stuff wishes you a grand Holi. Stay with your family and friends. Enjoy and have loads of fun.

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