An interview with champion DJ Akshat Panwar

An interview with champion DJ Akshat Panwar

Dreams come real provided intent, consistency and ability ar intermixed with opportunity and timing. And the rhythm that pops us out of the blend creates a DVJ like Akshat Panwar. The flamboyant remixer and music composer is going places. He has experience of playing in the extravagant events like IPL. The console player has performed in renowned clubs like F-Bar & Lounge, Club Naila, Dragon Bar etc. Also, the talented DJ has played at VH1 Supersonic, Sunburn festivals, Dunes Music Festival, BB KI Vines India Tour and many more. 

The disc jockey shared the console with most elegant in the business like DJ Chetas, DJ Aqeel, DJ Llyod, Yudi, DJ Paroma, Zenith, DJ Lijo, Candice, MA Faiza and various other artists. Anand Gupta of The City Stuff caught up with Akshat and delved deep into his craft.



What drew you to Disk Jockeying?

Ans: My interest in music and creativity made this field attractive to me. So I started playing for my school in different parties. And the most important, to be on the other side of the console enhances my confidence.


How was your first day as a DJ?

Ans: My first day as DJ was in my school and I found myself innovative. And whenever I’m on console I feel the same as my first day.


Is it necessary to learn Djing or anyone can play music and become one?

Ans: Yes, it is very necessary to learn it professionally. Helps in getting a more deep knowledge and it’s not an easy job which it seems to be.


Which type of music do you specialize in?

Ans: I’m specialized in Bollywood, commercial, Punjabi and House music.


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What does the youth demand the most from you?

Ans: Youths generally demand the trending Bollywood songs and nowadays advancing towards English music.


What things does one need for becoming a successful DJ?

Ans: For becoming a successful DJ one should have good knowledge and experience of music. Should know how to create a good vibe and to control the crowd.


The best compliment that you’ve received and from whom?

Ans: I have received the best compliment from my guru, ‘I’m proud of the way you worked today, Keep working on it.’


What gadgets and instruments you require for creating music for playing?

Ans: For creating music I prefer, the latest laptop, professional DAW (Digital Audio Work Station), Pioneer CDI NEXUS 2000, Mixer, DJM 2000 and NXS.


Which has been your best work and why?

Ans: According to me, yet my best performance was in VIT and VGO Campus Fest where I had introduced Audio Visual Show first time in Rajasthan in front of 6000 audiences. And good experience in IPL 2018-19.


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Who according to you is the best DJ in the world and why?

Ans: I personally like listening to DEADMOU5 because of his production style and awesome music.


For how long have you been playing as a DVJ?

Ans: Since 6 years professionally I’m working as a DVJ.


Any dj classes that you would like to recommend?

Ans: I will recommend ENDEMIC MUSIC ACADEMY, Jaipur, Rajasthan. Under Varun Sharma. First and only DJ Academy in Rajasthan


Walk us through your personal life and equation with your parents

Ans: In the starting days, my parents were somehow insecure about my future but with time they saw my creativity and innovation and now they totally support me.


Rapid Fire

–        Fav Music- – Bollywood.

–        Fav Club– Sensation club, Dubai

–        Fav Instrument– Guitar

–        Fav Dress- Jeans, T-shirt and leather jacket

–        Fav Gadget- Latest mobiles.

–        Fav Drink- Red Wine

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