Why 4th of July is so special for America | Know Everything about US Independence Day

July 4, 1776 is a very special day for American history. On this day America got the status of a fully independent nation.

US independence day

America is the most powerful country in the world today, but at some point, this country also used to be a slave. Which got independence today on July 4, 1776. During this, there is a period of celebration all over America. In which there are fireworks and four moons in different places. On this National Holiday of America, people everywhere are seen filled with the spirit of patriotism.

July 4 is celebrated as the Independence Day of the United States of America. America’s freedom struggle is considered an important milestone in the progress of mankind. As a result of this revolution, not only a new strong country was born in the new world but a new era was ushered in the history of mankind. The importance of America’s freedom struggle is an important event in world history. The impact of this revolution was also on other countries of the whole world including America, England.

Every year, on this day i.e. July 4, the most powerful country in the world celebrates its Independence Day. This year America is celebrating its 244th Independence Day. Let’s know some interesting facts related to it…

This is how America was founded

However, today you may be surprised to know that America was once under the British Empire like India. Which, after the freedom struggle from 1765 to 1783, liberated its thirteen colonies from slavery and thus the United States of America was established.

Why it is so special

On this day in the year 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed by the founders of this country. These included 56 politicians, including famous top leaders such as Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. And in this way a free America was born, free from the chains of slavery of the British Empire. Which later on today maintains a worldwide image of a superpower country.

This is how the revolution started

By the eighteenth century, the 13 colonies of North America were ruled by the British Empire. Where the inhabitants were heavily exploited by the rulers of London for the cultivation of tobacco. However, initially, the residents had good relations with the British administration. But during the reign of King George III, the situation worsened due to the arbitrary implementation of British law and the imposition of the Stamp Act. After which the feeling of nationalism arose among the residents and they made a revolution.

Such was the disgrace of the British Empire

A British tea-laden ship from the East India Company for the Boston Tea Party in 1773 was intercepted at the port of the city by American settlers named the Sons of Liberty Group. In this way he expressed his discontent against the Tea Act by the British rule. It also brought a lot of disgrace to the ruling British rulers and also became a mockery of their obsession with tea, considered to be their national drink. Then due to the humiliation in the tea party of the British rulers, as a punishment, the semi-independence given to Massachusetts was withdrawn.

How long did the struggle continue

However, then the Continental Congress was formed by the American freedom fighters in an attempt to bring together representatives from the Thirteen Colonies for better coordination. In whose second meeting held in Philadelphia in 1775, the Declaration of Independence was signed. After which the conflict continued for eight years until the Treaty of Paris was signed in 1783.

The seeds of discontent in France

In this war, France sided with America. The American example dissatisfied the people in France and paved the way for revolution there. The consciousness of freedom had a strong impact on France and it propelled France towards the path of revolution.

American Revolution and Statue of Liberty

It is not possible that the Statue of Liberty should not be mentioned in the history of the American Revolution. A giant statue with a torch in hand has become the identity of America. This copper statue was given by France to America in 1886 as a symbol of friendship between France and America during the American Revolution. This statue is located in New York Harbor. This copper statue is 151 feet tall, but it is 305 feet high including the post and the foundation stone. To reach the crown of this 22-storey statue, 354 winding steps have to be climbed.

Impact on India

The impact of the American Revolution was also on India. The Anglo-French war situation in India also arose due to the jump of France in the American War of Independence. Taking advantage of the weak power of the French, the British strengthened their policy of expanding their Indian states. One of the reasons for the American Revolution was that Britain did not interfere in the internal governance of the American colonies. As a result, the consciousness of self-government developed among the American colonists. Britain learned from this situation and adopted a policy of continuing active intervention in the internal affairs of its Indian colony from the early stages.

Significance of the American Freedom Struggle

America’s freedom struggle left its indelible mark on the history of the world. The American War of Independence has a special significance in the history of human civilization.

  • Establishment of an independent democratic nation
  • After the revolution, the birth of a new United States in the history of the world
  • After independence, the American colonies organized democratic rule in their country
  • When there were monarchies in all the countries of the world, then democracy in America was established
  • The United States presented to the world a hallmark of new political ideals in which republic, democracy, federalism and constitutionalism dominated
  • The establishment of a republic and representative government was the greatest contribution of the American revolution
  • America in modern history He was the first to establish a secular nation. In the constitution, the church was separated from the state
  • A new system based on human equality was created
  • The social status of women improved
  • America got new information related to agriculture from foreigners.
  • The agricultural revolution played an important role in the development of America.
  • American industries also benefited from the revolution

Freedom stamped like this

According to the treaty, all human beings are equal and have the right to live equally, to have freedom and to be happy. The committee that prepared this manifesto included dignitaries such as Jefferson, Franklin, John Adams, Roger Sherman and Robert Livingston. This draft was presented to Congress on 28 June 1776, which again voted to enact legislation on 2 July. However, it was formally stamped on July 4, and since then this day has been celebrated as Independence Day by patriotic Americans. The draft was also first published two days later in The Pennsylvania Evening Post newspaper.

Celebrated for the First Time

For this, the first reading of the manifesto was done in Philadelphia. This was followed by the nation’s first formal 4th of July celebration in 1777 in Bristol, Rhode Island, with 13 gunmen presenting a salute in the morning and evening. This day is a day of pride and happiness for all and since 1785, the annual parade is also organized every year on this day.

George Washington made this day Memorable

It is said that in the year 1778, General George Washington of the Revolutionary Army issued a double rum ration in his army to fill the enthusiasm for this day.  Also, the first recorded music to celebrate independence was ‘Saam of Joy’, written by Johann Friedrich Peter in 1783 in Salem, North Carolina. This day was specifically given by Congress in 1870 to all federal workers as an unpaid national holiday, which had been declared a paid vacation from 1938.

How do people celebrate it today?

On this day, along with spectacular fireworks in all major cities, the fireworks in the White House are worth seeing. People come from far and wide to see it. Along with this, Americans celebrate this day with picnics, baseball games, marches, musical band performances like ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’. Due to being such a national holiday, on this day, people of American families meet and enjoy the holidays.

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