All you need to know about Mumbai local train | Interesting facts about Mumbai local train

Mumbai Local Trains fact

Facts about local trains in Mumbai

It is the suburban railway of Mumbai. It is also known as the local train in Mumbai. In this system, transport is available to 6.1 million passengers daily. Thus, it bears the daily passenger capacity of the Indian Railways.

It is the world’s highest passenger density suburban rail service.

You will hardly find a Mumbaikar who does not use the local train.

So what makes Mumbai’s local trains so important to the city’s survival? So today we will take some interesting knowledge about Mumbai Local Train.

Mumbai Suburban Railway operates 2342 train services

Which, in total, carries 6.94 million passengers daily. Mumbai local trains are the primary mode of transport for hundreds and thousands of people who travel for five hours every day and on their way to and from work. With the city flooding with the lightest rainfall every year, train services are often the last route for most Mumbaikars.

Mumbai’s suburban railway system is spread across 45 km

It is more than the distance between Mumbai to Pune and back. Mumbai local train services not only connect the city to its suburbs, but they also connect several townships which stand on the edge of the city.

The railway tracks remain closed for only about 90 minutes

The Mumbai suburban railway system remains closed for just over half an hour every day. The first train leaves from Churchgate station on Western Railway at 7.15 am; The last train reaches Borivali at 2.05 am. On the Central Line, the first train leaves from Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus at 7.12 am and the last train at 2.45 am from Karjat.

Mumbai’s local train carries more than 6.5 million passengers a day

It is five times the population of Estonia, ten times the population of Bhutan and slightly less than the population of Switzerland.

Can’t imagine the Life of Mumbai People Without local trains

If the local is closed for just one hour, then there is a problem of lakhs of people going to the office on time. If the train is closed, some people leave the office for that day.

The Mumbai suburban railway system has four major corridors

The western line runs a little more than 120 km from Churchgate in the south to Dahanu Road in the north The central line runs from CST to Kalyan (58 km), which splits into two lines going to Kasara (an additional 4 km from Kalyan) on the Nashik route and Khopoli (an additional 61 km from Kalyan) on the Pune route. Which is a total of 182 km. The Harbor line runs between CST to Andheri on the Western line and Panvel (79 km) in Navi Mumbai. And the Trans-Harbor line, which connects Thane with the central line for Panvel in Navi Mumbai.

Even the terrorists could not stop it

It took three hours for the trains to resume after the 2008 serial blasts. But the Mumbai local train was completely resumed within 14 hours.

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