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7 most exotic places in Jaipur to relish Valentine

 Saint Valentine dedicated all his life in the quest of love and spreading the message of adoring everyone. And rightly so. There’s no purpose of life without romance. 14th February is the celebration of affection associated with any living being. 
So, if you are romantic at heart and wishing to unseat the remorse and sadness by hanging around with your partner, then these romantic destinations in Jaipur and nearby are helpful.

1. Book a hotel room–  It’s that time of the year when couples are hit by a cupid’s arrow that connects their hearts with an invisible pious thread. A secluded place like a hotel room can do wonders for such couples. Here, you can spend some quality and cosy time with your beloved without getting disturbed or any worry. Just two of you in the room talking and cuddling like lovebirds. These memories remain etched in hearts for life.

2.  Adventure Journey:- You are game for thrill and excitement then some adventure sports can make up for a great Valentine’s Day for you in Jaipur. Rock climbing at serpentine shallow and towering hills of Jhalana Doongri to make your bond rock solid. If you want to test your love, then the sky is the limit. Take your sweetheart to a fantasy ride of a hot air balloon and express your desires to him/her while hovering over the picturesque Amer Fort, Jaigarh Fort and expansive landscapes of Jaipur amalgamating modernity with tradition. You can contact Sky Waltz Balloon Safari for the sky odyssey at 1800 103 8839 or 095 6038 7222.

3. Long Drive:- The concept of going for a long drive with your bed partner is immortal.  It gives you a space of time to settle the equation of romance and sequence of chatting amid driving down to the countryside. The green pasture fields and farms along the way fill the heart with the crimson of deep affection. 

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4. A visit to lakes:- Let the love flow gently like a breeze and caress similar to a lake around the shore. Chandlai Lake, Man Sagar Lake, Amber Sagar Lake and Maota Lake make more than for a romantic dusk, dawn and night. Bird watching at Chandlai lake with a camera, goggles, hats resting on heads and a bunch of flamingos for the capture. The colour pink of the birds signifies the gentle love. The atmosphere at the lake is exotic. Create memories with your lens. This tantamounts to other lakes mentioned above as well. You can also revel in the ride of boats in lakes with your match.

5.  Fly High–  At some point in our life, we all had a dream flying like a bird despotically in the sky. Mountaineering & Adventure Institute can script the story for you with your beloved through a motored paragliding. Just imagine saying I love in the middle of nowhere but sky. How romantic, isn’t? Similarly, you can book an air ride through a private jet or a helicopter at a reasonable price. A couple can catch these romantics at Shiv Vilas hotel, Kukas and several other places.

6.  A romantic meal:- The idea of a romantic meal by the poolside during the course of the day is beyond questioning. Fine wine, quaint jazz music, delicious food to relish and ethnic decorations at a resort or a hotel can’t make things better for a couple. You can contact together for all the arrangements at a minimal cost.

7. Party Place:- If you are bored with the conventional ways of celebrating the day of lovers, then girls get in your LBDs and guys bring out the stud in you for parties across the city. Spread the love on discs with contemporary music beats pumping your heart even faster for the person of your life. Several parties are thriving this year at Hotel Prabhu Villas, Stardust, Kanchan Kesari and many others. 

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