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Top 10 Foods You MUST Try in New York City

We want to add Top 10 Foods You MUST Try in the list for the next time you’re in NYC that we are sure you will love.

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New York City is home to some of the best food in the entire world from the best pizza, burgers, Italian, Ice Cream or your favorite comfort food. We want to add Top 10 Foods You Must Try in the list for the next time you’re in NYC that we are sure you will love. We hope you came hungry, let’s get right into it.

Top 10 Foods You MUST Try in New York City

Tompkins Square Bagel

Tompkins Square Bagel is located at the east village right across the street from Tompkins Square park. This district of Manhattan is one of my favorites. This is a young urban area with a park and street art where you can relax and enjoy a delicious New York City bagel. If you’re in New York City you need to get a classic New York City Bagel which is why we highly recommend Tompkins Square Bagel. They hand make all their bagels right in the bag so they are so fresh and we’re about to get the lobs with cream cheese which is a staple NYC item, so let’s go get this bread. Their hands make all of their bagels fresh every single morning so we can guarantee you this place will not disappoint.

Au Cheval

Starting up we have one of the best burgers you can get in NYC and if not the world. All right so we just made it here to Au Cheval. The best burger in New York City that’s what we hear. We’ve heard really good things about the Cheese Burger with an egg. We don’t even want to eat it. It looks so good at first glance that bacon looks crazy and the bun is glistening. That’s always a good sign.


Katz Deli

We are heading next to Katz Deli. Katz is one of the only remaining jewish jellies from over a hundred years ago and it’s been in a bunch of movies that really helped popularise it and make it a staple that you must visit and eat at if you’re in New York City. Katz is one of the places on this list that you have most likely heard of and there’s a reason for that. It was founded in 1888 by Eastern European Jews who migrated to New York, this delicatessen has been serving up traditional Jewish cuisine for over a hundred years. Later Katz is still passed down within the family and pride themselves on not really changing much and keeping their traditions for one their meat is so tender that it must be cut by hands it is to die for. So if you come to Katz you must get the Pastrami on Rye and also with the Deli mustard this is also a massive sandwich.


Magnolia Bakery

We are here at the world famous Magnolia Bakery. Magnolia became famous from sex in the city and ever since then there have been many celebrity sightings as well as huge lines that stretch across the block and the thing that they are known for is their Banana Pudding. This place as soon as you walk in here smells incredible. We don’t know what it is but it’s like we are inhaling sugar. It has a similar texture as the cake, It tastes like intoxicating banana bread. Banana pudding to some may sound a little weird but trust me after you try magnolia bakery’s banana pudding you’re going to be back here every day.


Boba Guys

We are here at the canal street market in Chinatown and we are about to get some Ice Cold Bubble Tea. Boba guys are from San Francisco and now they have a couple branches here in New York. But undoubtedly this is the best place to get bubble tea in New York City. We do totally recommend the Strawberry Matcha Latte which is a combination of two things and then also has oat milk in here just makes it so incredibly delicious and boba guys we love them because they have the best boba. We love it so much that whenever we come here we’ll get a cup of water with extra boba in it.


Superiority Burger

We are in the east village on 9th street between first avenue and avenue about to go to Superiority Burger. This is home to one of the best burgers overall in New York City but even home to the impossible burger so they also have vegan burgers but you can’t tell the difference in it. It just tastes absolutely delicious, there are different sizes available for burgers that you can get but we just went with the standard Superiority Burger and it is a little small but we promise you that every single bite of this burger is gonna be worth every penny. It’s really like a magical warm feeling on that first bite. They have delicious sauces, the burger is so good and everything about this burger is worth trying. Have you ever had an impossible burger, all right here you go Superiority Burger.


Whipped Ice Cream

Super excited to get into a place called Whipped here in the lower east side and they are claimed to be the world’s first Oat Milk Soft serve. We got the cream Vanilla as well as some cookie crumble and then what we love about this place is that they have this coffee syrup that they insert into the middle of it so as we open it up, it’s gonna erupt all throughout the cone, it’s so beautiful. If you do like oat milk this place is for you but if you’ve never tried oat milk. We do recommend giving this place a try because we feel like you might not even be able to tell that it’s not actual milk that made the ice cream so they do a really good job making this thing taste incredibly delicious.


Jongro Korean BBQ

We are here in Korea Town which we feel like doesn’t get enough credibility. This is such a fun place to come if you’re a tourist or live here it truly feels like you teleported to Korea and i’m about to show you guys the best spot here in Korea Town. Korean Town is one of the favorite places in New York City. You guys can come here you can do Karaoke, you can have Korean snacks and everything is good here especially the Barbecue. What we love about coming here to Jungro it’s not just that the food is incredible but the experience is as well. We went with their classic healthy beets that is so good also got some chicken as well but this is what you gotta get when you come here is this the best spot in KoreaTown. Its a flavour bomb for real with the sauces, the meat how they cook it here right in front of you just tastes so unique and so good and definitely i would say the best here in Korea Town our’s favourite for sure.


Sylvia’s Soul Food

We just made it all the way up here to Harlem to one of our favorite places. If you are here in Harlem you have to check this place out, this is called Sylvia’s and they have been making soul food since 1962. We haven’t been to this part of the city which is very embarrassing and it is so fun coming up here to Harlem. It’s just such a different energy than downtown and we mean that in a good way the energy’s different. An additional bonus when you do come here you gotta get the chicken and waffles but instead of giving you normal bread they give you some delicious cornbread. That is the best cornbread we’ve ever had in our life. We got the chicken, waffles, syrup, cornbread and hot sauce.


Culture Espresso Cookie

So when you do try out Culture Espresso highly recommend getting your cookies, getting your coffee bringing it here to Bryant Park Grill and just taking your taste buds on a cookie roller coaster. We have had cookies all around the world and we would consider ourself a cookie connoisseur and this place culture espresso honestly is at the top of our list. We just got put onto it only a couple months ago and it changed my life it’s like crispy on the outside but then once you get into the inside it’s all nice, gooey and chocolatey come on this is heaven in cookie form. They have been voted the best cookie in New York City for a reason. Just a pro tip don’t forget to ask for napkins.


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